Getting Rid of Acne at Home Naturally [With in 3 Days]

How to Get Rid of Acne at Home Naturally

Those reddish pimples all over your face don’t make for a pretty picture.

You need to get rid of them, but don’t know how.  You’ve been to a dermatologist, but are skeptical about the treatment prescribed by him consisting mainly of lotions which you feel may only serve to dry the skin excessively. Are you aware that you can clear your acne naturally?  It is very much possible to do so using natural substances and by making a few changes in your diet and lifestyle.  By this means, you can achieve the same result as you would with conventional treatment, but at less than half the expense and without any adverse side-effects.


The facial skin of a person having acne,   is full of small black spots with dark centres (blackheads) and flesh-coloured bumps (whiteheads).   At times, in severe cases of acne, the face is covered with reddish, pus-filled lesions or pimples.    Sometimes, apart from the face, they occur on the neck and arms as well.   Touching the affected skin can be painful at times.    The scarring caused by acne can severely mar the self-esteem of the sufferer.

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When the sebum or oil  from the sebaceous glands in the skin meets with dry, dead skin cells on the surface, it tends to block the pores of the skin causing a build-up of oil beneath the surface, and providing a fertile ground in which bacteria can thrive.  The underlying cause of this condition is the hormonal imbalances which occur during adolescence and sometimes in adulthood, whereby the sebaceous glands tend to overproduce sebum and at the same time, there is excess production of keratin, a protein found on the outer layer of the skin.  The combination of the two clogs the pores, resulting in infection and inflammation of the skin, causing the pimples familiarly known as acne.  Acne can sometimes be hereditary.  Some medications such as anticonvulsants and hormone tablets can also cause this condition.  Another cause is the use of cosmetics of poor quality.



Keeping the skin of the face and arms scrupulously clean at all times, will help in reducing the incidence of acne.  Make-up if applied, should be of good quality, and should in any case be removed totally before retiring for the night.  The hair should also be washed regularly and should be kept from falling over the face. A moderate amount of exercise on a daily basis would ensure sufficient supply of oxygen to the affected areas to reduce the severity.


Apart from moisturizing it externally, the skin should also be moisturized from within, by drinking sufficient quantities of water.  Abstaining from alcohol, smoking and caffeinated drinks will help in this regard.


Eating a well-balanced diet will ensure that all the nutrients in the food reach the skin to give it a smooth texture.


There are several natural substances, which, if applied over the affected areas, will reduce the prominence of acne scars and give relief from acne.

Raw papaya paste applied on the skin is one such remedy. Another good remedy is a paste of jaiphal or nutmeg in milk.  Yet another, is the juice of fresh tulsi  (basil) leaves. Pure sandalwood paste similarly applied on the face works very effectively in reducing acne as does jeera (cuminseed) paste.


In addition to the external applications over the affected areas,  taking internally, the juice of freshly cut aloe vera leaves will give great relief from acne.


A combination of healthy lifestyle and balanced diet, with application of naturally occurring substances, will see your acne disappear in a short period of time.  For more details on natural therapy for acne, you could get in touch with a qualified Natural Therapist.

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