Getting Rid of Arthritis at Home Naturally

How to Get Rid of Arthritis at Home Naturally

You are increasingly worrying about your inability to move about as easily as you used to.  All your joints  appear swollen and ache, right from the time you wake up till you retire for the night.  It is certainly difficult to take in the fact that you have finally been diagnosed with arthritis:   it makes you feel old before your time.  Your attention is constantly diverted to the pain and discomfort you feel most of the time and how you are going to get rid of it. You are not keen on taking any of the  medications which a conventional doctor would prescribe – you are skeptical about their safety.  Is there any other way in which you can treat your condition less harmfully, you wonder.  You are in fact going in the right direction.  There is a great method, natural one, by which you can get rid of your condition, at home, using natural substances only.


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Natural Arthritis Treatment is Effective


Arthritis is a debilitating condition, which gradually develops into a full-blown problem of immobility, impacting all areas of your life. The stiffness  and swelling in your joints, which is at its peak in the mornings, will severely restrict your normal movements throughout the day.  It is difficult for you not only to climb stairs, but even walking on level ground, or bending your hands or knees is a major problem.  Sometimes even the joints in the fingers are affected, resulting in intense pain even while holding a pen – far less working at a PC.   Your routine tasks, such as combing your hair or holding a spoon in your hand pose a major challenge.  The condition affects mainly elderly women but it can occur among others as well.



Arthritis can be of 2 types, Osteoarthritis and  Rheumatoid Arthritis.  The former is a condition wherein the bones and  cartilage in the joints becomes inflamed, mainly due to  wear and tear.   In the case of rheumatoid arthritis, apart from the joints, the surrounding tissues including the muscles are also affected.    In some cases of autoimmune disorders, the immune system of the person itself attacks the joints, causing arthritis and such instances are not very rare either.



There are many natural ways in which you can reduce the impact of arthritis.Some of these are given herebelow:


If your knees hurt, try losing some weight. This will put less pressure on the knee joints, thus giving some relief.


A person suffering from arthritis should always opt for warm water while bathing, and should avoid going out into the cold as far as possible.


Rubbing the painful joints with hot vinegar or warm sesame or mustard oil once a day, preferably just before retiring for the night,  gives good relief.  You can add some garlic to the sesame oil for additional benefit.

Another good remedy is to boil some dry ginger powder in castor oil and apply this over the hurting joints.


The humble potato, available in every household, is a good remedy for aching joints.   A kilo of potatoes shuld be cut without removing the skin, and boiled sufficiently in water.  The resulting liquid can be used to wash the painful joints, with great benefit.  Another method is to extract the juice of a potato daily, mix it with an equal quantity of water, and drink it.


Onion juice mixed with mustard oil applied on the hurting joints also works well to give relief.


Though it appears difficult to treat, you can very well get rid of arthritis with natural remedies.    For more of these, you can get in touch with a qualified natural therapist.


Faster Relief:

The above given methods work well but take time to give you the results. If you want to have a faster relief then a professional natural treatment would be suitable.

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