How to Gain Weight Fast in Women With High Metabolism

How to Gain Weight Fast in Women With High Metabolism

Energy to fuel our body is derived from food and water sources.  How much of this food or calories is burnt to produce energy depends on each body’s metabolic rate.  While most of us look for ways to lose weight, some are blessed with a high metabolic rate and are able to get away with eating junk food frequently without showing it on their body.  But a tall and thin body frame, especially in women, is ungraceful.  Curves are generally associated with voluptuous women, and this is an appearance most human female species prefer.

Several steps may be followed in order to gain healthy weight if you are lean and lanky.  The first step would require you to increase your caloric intake.  Chalk out a meal plan which involves intake of simple carbohydrate foods in abundance, proteins in medium quantities, and minimal amounts of unsaturated fat.

Avoid use of saturated fats in excess as this will lead to an unhealthy weight gain.  However, in small amounts, it will help lower your otherwise high metabolic rate.  Eat deep fried snacks occasionally to help you add some bulk to your body.

Keep a food journal and note down your daily caloric intake.  If even after a month no improvement is noted, add 500 more calories to your diet for the next month and so on until a desirable weight gain is noticed.

Muscle buildup rather than fat gain is a healthier way to gain weight fast.  Perform exercises that will help build up your lean muscles and begin with some basic forms.  Body weight squats is one exercise that will improve body mass.  Stand erect with feet apart in line with your hips.  With your chin up, lower your body as you would when trying to sit on a chair.  Crouch down until your thighs are parallel to the floor keeping your back straight and abdominal muscles tight throughout.  Then stand up without leaning forward.  You can hold dumbbells in front of you as you squat up and down.

Deadlifts is another exercise form that will build lean muscles effectively.  Stand erect and close to the weight lifting bar.  Keep your feet wide apart, wider than your shoulder width.  Your feet should be pointed at 45 degree angles, and allow your shins to touch the bar.  Lower yourself, chin up, bend at knees, and with arms kept straight hold the bar and pull it up, off the floor.  Keep the bar close to your body at all times, as you lift it past your shins, your thighs, and finally your hips.  Then lower it down slowly.  Begin by doing five repetitions twice in a week and gradually work up. Before beginning any exercise program, ensure that you are getting enough calories and that you are eating at least six small meals a day.

It is also noted that 5 hours or less of sleep will help women gain more weight, so sleep less but restfully.

If your body fails to gain weight even after all these efforts, get yourself checked.  If you have a thyroid that is secreting too much of hormones, this may the reason for your high metabolic rate.  Get yourself treated, if this is the case, and feel the difference.