How to Get Bigger Breasts at Home Naturally

Getting Bigger Breasts at Home Naturally

Breasts are a pair of mammary glands that extend from front of chest in adult human female species.  Breasts are composed of fatty adipose tissue and depending on your body’s ability to store fat there, their size and shape varies.  Most women want to own a pair of good looking breasts and can be attained from various natural methods.


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Your breasts can be made to appear bigger by gaining some weight and working out your chest muscles regularly.  One exercise routine that will help you in achieving this is to perform pushups.  Lie on your stomach on a comfortable surface.  Bend hands at elbows, place palms in front of your shoulders but a little to the side, and lift your body by straightening your arms and knees bent and crossed at ankles so that you are balancing on your palms and knees.  Bend your head towards the chest and pull in your abdominal muscles.  Hold for 30 seconds.  Bend at elbows and lower your body, lowering only until you are almost touching the floor; then push back up.  Do 4-6 repetitions initially gradually increasing for better results.

Another form of exercise to give your breasts a natural lift is – stand facing a wall with feet placed slightly apart.  Place your palms on the wall with your back positioned straight and abdominal muscles tightened.  Push yourself away from the wall as far as possible with keeping your back straight, hold for some time, and return to original position.  Repeat 10 times, and carry out this exercise twice in a day for greater effects.

It is believed that hormones play an important role in giving women fullness to their figure.  When testosterone levels are high, it hinders development of breast girth; while estrogen promotes breast enlargement.  Estrogen may also be sourced from food products like lentils, split peas, soy beans, flax seeds, sunflower seeds, egg plant, beets, carrot, cherries, dates, papaya, cucumber, etc.  Consume these periodically and spice up your foods with fennel seeds, turmeric, pepper seeds, and ginger frequently to help you get a bigger bust size.

Massage your breasts in a circular motion, preferably while in the shower, to stimulate the nerves situated around them and to increase blood flow.  Blood will supply sufficient nutrients to your breasts to help repair and encourage growth in a more natural manner.  Be gentle to your breasts while massaging for too much pressure and harsh movements will only make your breasts lose its firmness.

Choose the correct cup size, do so by getting yourself measured at a lingerie store, and wear it correctly.  Ill-fitting bras will not only deny you the desired look, it will also make you feel uncomfortable.  Get hold of push-up bras as this will give you the right lift, enhancing your cleavage even more giving an overall luxurious appearance.  Another option would be to purchase some padded bras that will add extra volume to your otherwise flat breasts.  The right type of undergarments can do wonders while trying to look more feminine, so invest in some.  Also practice good posture by positioning your spine straight, head held high, chest forward and shoulders pushed back and down to make your breasts appear larger than they actually are.

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