How to Get Bigger Breasts without Surgery or Implants

Natural Methods to  Get Bigger Breasts without Surgery or Implants

Breasts are equated with womanhood, femininity and very important for a woman’s identity.  They are a symbol of femininity and many consider smaller sized breasts as a diminishing quality to their sexual attractiveness.  Most small breast women prefer getting their size bigger without going under the knife, and there are several natural methods available that have proven to be effective in increasing breast size naturally.

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Gain weight.  Bigger breasts are composed of more fatty tissues, so when you gain weight overall you also add bulk to your chest area.  However, avoid consuming high fatty foods.  Instead opt for high protein and simple carbohydrate foods to maintain healthy weight.  Once bulk is added around your breasts eliminate excess weight around your abdomen to give you an overall appearance of larger breasts.

Exercise your pectoral muscles to add mass which will make your breasts look larger as these muscles lie just beneath your breast tissues.  Bend your hands at elbows, fold your palms at chest level, after which get hold of your opposite forearms and pull outwards while still holding.  Stay in this position up to 10 counts and then relax.  Repeat this 10 times.

Massaging your breasts the right way will stimulate growth during your growing stages.  Before massaging them, rub your palms together energetically to produce heat.  Once they are sufficiently warm, place them on your breasts and circle clockwise and anticlockwise using very light pressure.  Massage for 10-15 minutes twice in a day.  This will improve blood circulation in your breasts and since nutrients travel through our bloodstream, your breasts will choose hormones and utilize food substances essential for their proper development.  You could also use massage oils that consist a blend of sage, fennel, lemongrass, and geranium in jojoba carrier oil to make breasts appear fuller and firmer.  Fennel herb contains essential ingredients that help balance estrogen level in human body which is responsible for breast size.

Follow the above with a cold water treatment.  Mix cypress oil in witch hazel extract and add to a bowl of cold water.  Then splash your breasts with this cold mixture approximately 10 times.  This will make your breasts look firmer and larger.

Sesame seeds contain calcium, phosphorus, proteins, and iron all essential for proper development of breasts.  Consume these seeds whole or use them to garnish your dishes to help enlarge your breasts the natural way.  Also sesame oil can be massaged on to your breasts before a shower for greater effects.

Wild yam has natural progesterone that helps produce estrogen in normal amounts.  Likewise plant estrogens (phyto-estrogen) when ingested accumulate in breasts adding fullness to them.  Similarly most herbal breast enlargement pills available in the market have fenugreek as their main ingredient.  Fenugreek seed too contain phyto-estrogen and is assumed to have an effect on breast growth.  Consuming fenugreek sprouts at frequent intervals will help increase your breast size.  To sprout them, soak seeds in water for approximately 8 hours, wash thoroughly, transfer them into sprouting trays and leave it in a well-lit area at room temperature for sprouting.  Approximately 5 days will be required for sprouts to appear.  Add them into your salads and sandwiches to enhance taste.

Other food products that contain certain amounts of phyto-estrogens are flaxseeds, soy beans, kidney beans, chickpeas millet, barley, oats, clover, etc.  An added advantage of consuming foods rich in plant estrogens is that it will help your body fight against diseases and balance your hormone levels even after menopause.

Avoid caffeine intake in excess as this can cause a hormonal imbalance hampering natural growth of breasts.

Above all, learn to appreciate them even if they are not perfect.  Be happy with what you have.

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