How to Get Bigger Buttocks Naturally for Men

Getting  Bigger Buttocks Naturally for Men

Buttock is the back of hip portion that is fleshy and functions as seat of the body.  Most men work out their arm, chest, abdominal, and thigh muscles, neglecting the rump area giving their body an asymmetrical appearance.  The muscles of buttocks are like any other muscles on your body that get bigger with more workout sessions targeting your gluteus muscles, especially the gluteus maximus which is the outermost muscle of the human buttocks.



Any exercise program that engages the gluteus muscles will increase its muscle mass.  A small butt will not only make you look flat while wearing shorts or tight jeans, it will make you feel uncomfortable at times where you are required to sit for long hours without any extra ‘cushioning’.

Decide upon an exercise routine you wish to begin with and choose a convenient time of the day to exercise.  Make sure you engage in these exercises on a regular basis to be benefited the most, perform them at least three times a week.  Also break the routine and replace your chosen exercises with other forms that will target your rear side muscles to provoke a more rapid progress.  Initially you may notice improvements in succession but over time your muscles will begin to adapt to the chosen exercise program, so a transition is essential.

Get Bigger Buttocks Naturally for Men

Sit down on all fours taking a crawling position.  Extend your right leg out and lift it making 90 degree angles in all possible directions and slowly bring it down.  Repeat this initially 5 times gradually increasing until 20 repetitions can be achieved.  Follow this with the other leg.  Alternate this with another form where again you are required to sit on all fours.  Extend your right leg outwards and keep it straight.  Then lift your leg from the straight position to as high as you can get it to, hold your leg in this position for 30 seconds, gradually bring it down to the straight position followed by bending it forward towards your shoulder and holding it there again for 30 sec. before returning back to the original position.  Increase repetitions until 25 performances at one go are possible.

Another work out for your buttock muscles is to lie on your back on a flat and comfortable surface.  Keep the knees bent and then lift your hips upwards, towards your house roof.  Return to your starting position and perform repetitions.

You can also perform normal squat exercises by holding dumbbells to work your gluteus muscles harder and burn more calories around your waist line.  Get a nice view of those muscles moving about while you work out by wearing tight-fitting shorts to motivate you.

Eat healthy meals frequently in small portion sizes.  Foods that will help you in achieving a bigger butt are low-fat proteins, complex carbohydrates, and healthy fats.  Stock up on eggs, lean pork loin, chicken breasts, fresh green soybeans and salmon for proteins.  Include whole grain breads, pastas, potatoes, tomatoes, apples, grapefruit, yams, beans, carrots, etc. to increase your complex carbohydrate intake; and avocados, walnuts, olive and canola oil to furnish your healthy fat requirements.

Take in sufficient calories to keep up with your desire to achieve a bigger butt.  Do not rush through your exercise routines as this will deprive you of desired results.  Take it slow to enjoy a well-rounded rear end.


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