How to Get Rid of Alcohol Drinking at Home Naturally

Getting  Rid of Alcohol Drinking at Home Naturally

Alcohol is a fermented and distilled drink consumed for its intoxicating effects.  A person who consumes alcoholic beverages in excessive amounts on a continual basis will be known as an alcoholic.  Alcoholism is compulsive drinking, a chronic problem and a sure pathway towards nutritional and psychological disorders.

 Get Rid of Alcohol Drinking at Home

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Drinking in small quantities will not cause any adverse effects, but often social drinking leads to the body getting accustomed and dependent on alcohol making way for major health problems.  Moreover the person will begin to lose interest in activities he used to enjoy before, will develop relationship problems due to his constant irritability and annoyance at trivial acts, problems with the law, and diminishing finance reserves.  Complications arising from alcohol dependence is extensive and not worthy of continuing to invest in.

Cut down on your drinking.  ‘Why?’, one may ask.  Well, the reasons are aplenty but some worth mentioning are; you will not tire easily, your liver will begin to ‘feel happy’ again, blood pressure and heart related problems will diminish, proper nervous and brain functions will be restored, normal menstrual cycles in women will resume, and men will no more experience erectile dysfunctions.

Since the buildup of this problem is gradual the downward step should also be gradual to avoid any harmful after effects on your body from instant abstinence.  Once the decision is made to gradually limit your intake avoid keeping alcohol in your home, car, or workplace or stock them in small amounts, like say half a bottle stored some place that cannot be accessed immediately.  Avoid drinking on an empty stomach, but eat while drinking.  Then decide on a day or two each week when you will say ‘no’ to alcohol.  Observe how you feel both physically and mentally and note down your behavioral patterns on your nondrinking days.  You will notice an improvement in your health and mental state as the days go by.  Increase your ‘no alcohol’ days over time to a point where you are capable of remaining sober for months together.

Whenever you are tempted to fill a glass with an alcoholic substance, find some activity that you would like to do instead.  Go out and watch a movie at your nearest theater or take your family out to dine at a restaurant, obviously that has no bar attached.  And when relatives or friends come visiting stay away from the temptation of opening up a scotch or whiskey bottle.  It is not essential to offer drinks to everyone who comes visiting or avoid inviting people over altogether who gives you a hard time for not drinking.

Exercise regularly and keep yourself fit.  Studies have revealed that drinking releases dopamine in the brain that gives you the tipsy feeling.  The same is released from a rigorous workout session, thus exercise without fail to reduce the risk of your body becoming dependent on alcohol.

Do not give up if your first attempt is not successful.  Most alcoholics cannot give up drinking all at once – ‘try, try, try again until you succeed’.

If you have an alcohol problem acknowledge it and get help stat.


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