How to Get Rid of Bad Breath at Home Naturally

Getting Rid of Bad Breath at Home Naturally

Foul odors will make you turn away in rejection.  People react to foul odors repulsively be it bad smell from your environment, piled up garbage indoors, body odor, or bad breath.  Bad breath is a result of poor oral hygiene encouraging bacterial overgrowth within the oral cavity.  A few disease conditions and popping in prescription medications over a long period also contribute to offensive smells emitting from within your mouth.  Suitable measures can be taken at home with immediate effect to combat bad breath problems more naturally.

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Regular and methodical brushing of teeth, dental flossing, and scraping of tongue will help you move in the right direction to get rid of malodor from your breath.  Use of a toothbrush with soft bristles, branded fluoride toothpaste, and brushing twice in a day will go a long way in minimizing bad breath.  Likewise ensure you remove food particles that may be lodged on the roof of your mouth while brushing.  Also get into the habit of gargling at night after brushing to kill offending bacteria that may have settled deep down in your throat which may be causing the offensive smell.

Chew on some mint leaves or parsley every few hours as these herbs are popular for their germicidal properties aiding in destruction of germs that may be present within your oral cavity.  Mint leaves when crushed also helps in removing stains from your teeth.  If the taste of mint after chewing does not please you, a mouthwash can be prepared from boiling anise seeds, few mint and rosemary leaves in enough water to give the desired results.  Anise seeds will also help to kill oral bacteria effectively.

A couple of cloves may also be chewed alternatively to mask bad breath.  This small bulb is known for its antibacterial properties and is capable of destroying intestinal parasitic worms, which may be causing bad breath, when ingested.

To double the effect of killing germs present within your mouth, a few drops of tea tree oil may be added to your brand of toothpaste while brushing.  Tea tree oil is known for its antibacterial properties and will help in minimizing bad breath immensely.

When normal flow of saliva is restricted either due to dehydration or other medical problems, the resultant dry mouth condition will encourage bacterial build up causing bad breath.  Up your intake of fresh citrus fruits for the acidic content present in them will stimulate saliva production prohibiting overgrowth of oral bacteria.  Also apple cider vinegar in right quantities will help in restoring the normal pH balance in your mouth.  So after brushing, take a glass of water, add ½ tsp vinegar and use as a mouthwash to get a whiff of fresh-smelling breath.  Drink plenty of water to keep your mouth moist at all times.

Avoid smoking, drinking excess alcohol and caffeinated or carbonated beverages, eating sweets frequently as all these increases dryness in mouth helping bacteria to thrive.  When the urge to consume these triggering foods become strong, pop in a sugar-free gum stick and chew on it to keep your mouth occupied.  This will also help you in fighting bad breath.

Counterbalance these natural measures with regular dental checkups, fill all existing tooth cavities and treat gum infections as these may also be the cause for your persistent bad breath state.

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