How to Get Rid of Bad Breath at Home Naturally

Getting Rid of Bad Breath at Home Naturally

You feel embarrassed to open your mouth when in the company of your friends.

Reason – Bad Breath.   You are really not able to cope with the situation – you do so like to be with your friends, but feel inhibited because of your problem of bad breath.  But take heart – you need not continue in this fashion for much longer.  There are ways in which you can get rid of bad breath or halitosis as it is called medically – not by taking any drugs but in simple natural ways, using natural substances – without any side effects and without worrying about the cost of the treatment.  You can feel confident in the company of your friends once again, in a very short time.


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Cure Bad Breath at Home

The only symptom – a most unfortunate one – is the bad odour emanating from the mouth.  You may not realize it until you find your friends and associates taking a step back each time you open your mouth to speak, or until someone informs you upfront to do something about it. Sometimes a bad taste accompanies bad breath,  the mouth feels dry and you may find that your tongue is covered with a whitish coating.



It is not only lack of proper oral hygiene which can cause bad breath. While this is one of the major causes, there are several other reasons for this problem:   What you eat  and drink has a bearing on your breath. We all know how onions and garlic affect our breath.  Similarly, there are other foods including cheese, fish, coffee, low-carb diets, coffee, alcohol, etc all of which can impart a foul odor to the breath.


Apart from the diet, gastrointestinal disorders, constipation, diabetes and gum disorders play a role in producing bad breath.  Certain medications can also do the same.   Tonsil stones are another reason why your breath can smell foul.



In the eradication of bad breath, proper oral hygiene plays a very important part.  Take care to keep your mouth scrupulously clean because bacteria can thrive on the remnants of food particles in the mouth, giving rise to bad breath.   Even dentures, which are removed at night,  need to be cleaned thoroughly before putting them in the mouth.


Rinse the mouth thoroughly after having onions or garlic – the sulphur content of these food substances produce a foul odor very easily.


Ensure that you are not constipated.  Constipation can also result in bad mouth odour. The toxins in your intestines need to be expelled somehow. Drink lots of water and other fluids throughout the day to help ease constipation. Make use of milk thistle extract if you so wish, for the same result.


Chew on mint or parsley – both these herbs keep the breath odor-free.


Having a few sunflower seeds after your meals can also help to keep your breath fresh.


Apples are a great remedy for bad breath.  Munching an apple between meals helps clean the teeth and keep bacteria away.


Gargling with a mild solution of baking soda in water will also clear all the bacteria from the mouth, and give a great freshness to your breath.

If you can get a good peppermint-flavoured mouthwash, nothing like it.  Gargle with it a few times a day.


It is not at all difficult to get rid of bad breath – there are so many natural ways in which you can do this.  A little persistence and some good tips are all that is needed.  If you think you need more help in curing your bad breath, do get in touch with a Professional Natural Therapist.


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