How to Get Rid of Cold Sore at Home Naturally

How to Get Rid of Cold Sore at Home Naturally

Are you bothered by tiny blisters on your lips and mouth, which do not seem to be going away? They are quite painful and filled with a fluid and you are worried they may turn septic. Sometimes, they do disappear only to return within a few days.  These cold sores as they are called,are viral infections  caused by a virus named Hepes Simplex. In case you did not know, cold sores can be got rid of by simple natural treatment.

Cold sore Cure
Cold sore Cure

Cold Sore Cured at Home

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You generally know when you are going to get a cold sore when you feel a burning sensation at that point on your lips or mouth or nose. After a day or two, a tiny fluidy blister will make its appearance, and the surrounding area will become reddish and painful. As long as they last, which is generally about a week,  they are quite painful too.



Cold sores are contagious and will spread from person to person by oral contact – i.e., by kissing or close contact with the sores, or even normal skin which is in the process of shedding the virus.  Once one episode of infection is over, the virus makes its entry into the ganglions or nerve cell centres and remains there for some time;  thereafter it travels back to the skin surface and erupts as blisters on the mouth and lips once again.  Thus the cycle repeats itself.  Certain medical conditions such as fever, stress, hormonal changes,or even sunburn may be the cause of the recurrence, and sometimes it reappears without cause.


Cold Sore Diagnosis & Treatment

The appearance of the cold sores is so characteristic that it is really not necessary to have any tests performed in order to confirm their presence. Yet in case it is absolutely necessary, there is a test called Polymerase chain reaction or PCR test which can be performed. No blood sample is involved here. A swab rubbed on the sore is utilized to prove its presence.


Since it is such a contagious condition, it is very important to maintain proper hygiene.  The hands should be washed often, particularly if the face has been touched.  Other utensils, such as cups and saucers, spoons, etc which touch the sore or the lips and mouth, should be kept separately and should not be used for others in the family.


There are some naturally occurring substances which are useful in the treatment of the Herpes Simplex virus.The amino acid Lysine is one such item.

It occurs naturally in red meat, fish, dairy products and wheatgerm, but if these are eaten in combination with chocolates, almonds or peanuts, then the lysine does not get absorbed into the system, and the curative effect of lysine thus decreases.  Hence, for best effect, these combinations should be avoided.


Lemon balm, if applied over the sores, can get rid of them in 4-5 days.  Also, regular application of this balm on the mouth and lips, is known to prevent their recurrence.


Resveratrol, present in black grapes, is also useful in getting rid of cold sores.  It is available in the form of a cream, which needs to be applied several times daily over the sores.


The flavonoids present in Polpolis, a resinous substances collected by bees from trees, are a good natural remedy for cold sores.  Being present in honey, the latter can also be applied over the mouth and lips for relief.One drawback here is that repeated usage tends to promote allergies.


The normal time which the above remedies would take to get rid of cold sores is approximately 4-5 days, during which time all precautions must be taken to avoid spreading of the infection.  Faster methods of bringing about relief are also available but for this, you would need to get in touch with a Professional Natural Therapist.

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