How to Get Rid of Constipation at Home Naturally

How to Get Rid of Constipation at Home Naturally

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Are you suffering from poor bowel movement, resulting in a lot of pain and discomfort in the abdomen?   Are you aware that you can treat this condition naturally at home, and that you do not need any expensive medical procedures in order to get rid of it?  Natural treatment is also advantageous in that it is very effective and does not carry any of the side effects that generally accompany conventional methods. Moreover, natural methods can be carried out inexpensively, in the comfort of your own home.


Constipation Cured Naturally

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If you are used to bowel movement once a day, which is normal,  and the frequency reduces to say, once in 2-3 days,  you are said to be constipated.

When this happens, the stools also generally tend to harden and you have difficulty and pain during defecation.  There is also a lot of discomfort in the abdomen, which tends to get bloated or distended in such cases.  All adults most likely experience this condition at some time or other but it occurs more frequently among the older generation.


Constipation itself can be a symptom of a more problematic medical condition, such as hypothyroidism or haemorrhoids.  Pregnancy is also known to cause constipation quite often.  There are  also  several general reasons for constipation, some of which are as under:


–    Poor Hydration, leading to hardening of stools and consequent difficulty in defecation.

–    Poor eating habits – too much animal fat or sugars in the diet

–    Taking diuretics like coffee and tea or alcohol.  The water required to soften the stools is lost in excess urination.

–    Some medications such as painkillers, anticonvulsants and antacids tend to cause constipation

–    Lack of sufficient physical exercise



It is not a good idea to become too dependent on over-the-counter laxatives for your bowel movements.  Though there is not much you can do to directly influence the underlying conditions, you can surely apply several natural methods using natural substances, which can work equally if not more effectively towards relieving the constipation:


First and foremost, you should consciously ensure that you drink daily 8-10 glasses of water.  This is in fact the basic minimum you can do to relieve the symptoms of constipation.  Next, steer clear of sugars, and reduce your intake of beverages like tea and coffee and try to abstain from alcohol.  Also see that there is sufficient physical movement packed into your daily routine.  A simple 20 minute walk in the park daily, will greatly help in relieving constipation.


A good remedy which works quickly is as follows:

Soak some dry figs in water overnight.  The following consume the entire mixture of figs and water on empty stomach.     You can use raisins instead of figs if you so wish.  The results will be just as effective.


Psyllum husk or flaxseed powder taken with water will also give quick results.


Epsom salts taken with water daily, is a good remedy for constipation.  Gulkand or rose petal jelly, taken daily also relieves constipation.


Overall, your diet would need to be modified to include a good amount of fibre, folate, whole grains, fruits and vegetables.  The pectin in apples is a good remedy for constipation.  Other good food items are pears, papaya, spinach, yellow pumpkin, aloe vera juice, grapes, prunes, dates and guava.


2 kiwi fruits just before retiring to bed will also help get rid of your constipation.  You can follow this up with one fruit every day to keep constipation away.


By and large, it is not difficult to naturally get rid of constipation before it becomes chronic.   Conventional laxatives should be avoided as they are very habit-forming.  When there are so many natural methods of curing this condition, it makes good sense to try out a  few and decide on one which works best for you.    If however, you still need more information on natural methods of ridding yourself of constipation, a good Professional Natural Therapist is the best person to help you.

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