How to Get Rid of Dandruff at Home Naturally

How to Get Rid of Dandruff at Home Naturally

Are you looking for a safe and effective cure for Dandruff ?  It is a very common condition especially among teenagers, not very harmful except perhaps for social reasons.  There are many natural methods by which you can get rid of this condition very effectively, without damaging your hair and without going for any sophisticated treatment.

Dandruff Natural Cure
Dandruff Natural Cure


Dandruff Cured Naturally

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Dandruff is normally seen on the hair as grayish-white scales of dead cells of the scalp, which have been shed slightly in excess of the usual amount.

Our skin cells including those on the scalp,  are all the time undergoing renewal, and in the process, pushing the older cells out on to the surface, and when this happens more rapidly on the scalp, it appears as dandruff. It is sometimes accompanied by a redness and irritation of the area, and the hair, dotted by  oily white flaky patches, appears unsightly, apart from the scalp feeling itchy.



Dandruff can occur for a variety of reasons.  Exposing the scalp to extreme temperatures can trigger its formation, and this would be short-term.  If it is excessive, it could be on account of certain other conditions such as head lice or psoriasis or seborrhoeic dermatitis.  In some cases, it occurs in persons who consume more than the acceptable quantities of salt, sugar and spices.  On the other hand, consumption of less than the required minimum of zinc and B Vitamins, can also cause dandruff.  It does not form on account of a dry scalp; hence less washing of the hair based on this presumption may only worsen the problem.  The condition is generally known to aggravate during the colder months.   Allergy to some hair conditioners and other hair-care products, may also  bring on dandruff.   Moving around with wet hair for long periods can increase the occurrence of dandruff.



Maintaining your hair, comb  and other related accessories in clean condition is an important step in getting rid of dandruff.  Make sure you do not borrow or lend combs, hair clips etc.

A very simple home remedy  to get rid of dandruff is to rub an egg (Chicken egg) into the hair, allow it to remain for a while, and then wash off well.   The sulphur content of the egg manages to attract the dandruff on to it, which can then be washed off as usual with lukewarm water.


Another good remedy is to massage the scalp with a mixture of lime juice and vinegar and leave it on for a few minutes, before washing off with a mild shampoo.  The dandruff will disappear and leave the hair shiny and smooth.


You can use water in which some neem leaves have been boiled, to effectively get rid of dandruff.


Also, warm water in which a few drops of Tea Tree oil(essential oil) have been added can be used to wash the hair.  The hair then needs to be rinsed with water in which some drops of lime have been added, before finally rinsing with clean water. All the dandruff will disappear with this process.


Oily dandruff can be got rid of by applying curd to the hair before a wash.


Warm some Sesame oil and rub into your scalp before going to bed at night. The following morning wash off with clean water.   The dandruff will disappear.


There are also several dandruff shampoos available in the market, which can also be tried out.


For dandruff which is not so oily, you can apply overnight, the paste of previously soaked methi seeds and wash off in the morning.


There are numerous home remedies available for removal of dandruff.  Any of them if persisted with, will give good results in a very short time even if the dandruff is of the long-term variety.   If you still need more Natural methods of Getting Rid of Dandruff, it is best you meet a Natural Therapist.


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