How to Get Rid of Depression at Home Naturally

Getting Rid of Depression at Home Naturally

Depression is a reflection of sad or irritable feelings exceeding normal limits.  This is a psychological problem accompanied by expressions of dejection or hopelessness with oftentimes suicidal tendencies.  In the face of mounting pressures at our present fast-paced life, psychological distresses are becoming more and more common.  It is better to nip them in the bud, and what better place to start than home.  Corrective measures can be put into practical use at home when first signs of depression are perceived.


Get Rid of Depression at Home Naturally

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There are various herbs with natural antidepressant compounds which when brewed as tea for consumption have found to effectively restore normal state of mind.  Of these St. John’s Wort and Siberian ginseng’s root have found to be extremely beneficial.  Siberian ginseng’s dried root has noted to improve mental functions.  Likewise St. John’s Wort has been used extensively to treat mild-to-moderate depression.  Fill a tea kettle with 6 cups of water and boil.  Remove from flame.  Place fresh herbs (either St. John’s Wort leaves/flowers or Siberian ginseng root powder) in a pan and pour boiled water over them.  Steep for 3-5 minutes, strain and drink with honey mixed in for sweetness.  For better results consume 3 cups in a day.

Certain natural oils with powerful aromas are also known to benefit depressed individuals.  These oils seem to have inbuilt qualities that enhances psychological well-being in humans.  To combat depression blend 1 part each of lemon and chamomile essential oils in 3 parts of bitter orange essential oil, add to your bath water and soak yourself in it giving enough time for the aromas to take effect.  The referred essential oils have mood up-lifting qualities, capable of stimulating several brain regions through sense of smell with positive results.

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Meditation techniques when performed the right way have helped people suffering from depression.  It is an activity that has to be done with keeping the mind free from other disturbing thoughts.  Find a quiet corner in your house and sit down comfortably.  Relax your body, close your eyes, and take deep breaths.  Increase awareness of your breathing by concentrating deeply.  Focus and begin to form images of loved ones in your mind, think of all good things that have happened to you and that you have done to others, take pleasure in your good feelings, bask in this pleasant warm atmosphere that you have created, and continue to stay with that feeling.  Open your eyes once you consider it is enough and feel the difference.

Yoga may also be performed to balance your emotions.  Stand erect with hands placed at your sides and feet touching each other.  Divide your weight equally on both feet.  Expand or stretch your toe muscles totally on floor surface for better balance.  Close your eyes, breathe deeply, and stay in this position for 3-5 minutes.  Stand as still as possible.  Find more time to perform this every day for better results.

Walking at an increased pace and other strenuous form of exercises will release chemicals in your brain that will keep you in a happy mood for a long time.  Jogging or running will also give you the same results.

Caffeine can make your depressed mood more severe, so avoid or restrict intake of coffee and caffeinated beverages as far as possible.

Seek help when emotionally troubled and move around in the company of your near and dear ones to help maintain your emotional balance.

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