How to Get Rid of Diabetes at Home Naturally

How to Get Rid of Diabetes at Home Naturally

If you are suffering from diabetes, you can indeed be a very worried person, considering that this condition, apart from requiring special attention in itself,  can be the cause of several other more severe medical complications, affecting the heart, kidneys and even the eyes. What you need to be aware of, however, is that there are available, several natural methods by which you can keep it well under control, while also attempting to get rid of it altogether.  With certain lifestyle and dietary modifications, combined with natural remedies which you would need to make use of, you could be on your way to a recovery from this worrisome condition.

Get Rid of Diabetes
Get Rid of Diabetes

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There are several warning signs which you must take note of in recognizing this condition.  Increased urination, weakness and fatigue, increased thirst at shorter intervals, weight loss which occurs on its own, numbness in the extremities, itchy skin, wounds which take a long time to heal, are some of the prominent symptoms of diabetes.  In the lab it is diagnosed by checking the level of fasting and post-prandial glucose in the blood and also glucose in the urine.



Diabetes, or diabetes mellitus results from an increase in the sugar levels in the blood, mainly on account of improper or insufficient absorption of the important hormone  insulin  for removing the sugar into the cells. There are basically 2 types of Diabetes :  Type 1 and Type 2:  Both  are related to the uptake of insulin produced in the islet cells of the pancreas.  The glucose or blood sugar which results out of the digestion of the food we eat, needs to be absorbed into the body for energy. It is insulin that facilitates the absorption of the glucose into the muscles cells. In type 1 diabetics, no insulin is produced in the pancreas – hence, insulin has to be externally fed into the system through shots or pumps in order for the body to continue its functioning.  In type 2 diabetics, (more common),either sufficient insulin is not secreted by the pancreas, or there is resistance to the insulin which is available.  In both cases, since the cells are unable to use the insulin to absorb glucose out of the bloodstream, sugar levels rise and this excess sugar is then stored as fat.



Diabetes can be cured if it is detected early.  Taking insulin from external sources is one method of controlling it.  Apart from this, you can make several lifestyle and diet changes in order to  naturally control the levels of sugar in the blood and urine.


Bitter Gourd contains certain substances which will bring down the sugar levels both in the blood and in the urine. Therefore, it is very beneficial for a diabetic to consume good amounts of this vegetable.  For best results from this natural source,  the juice of a few bitter gourds should be taken on empty stomach in the morning.


The Jambul fruit is another very effective natural remedy for diabetes. The fruit and its juice if taken daily, can significantly bring down the blood sugar level in a diabetic.  The seeds are however much more potent in this respect.  They need to be dried and powdered, and taken twice daily, mixed with water.


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