How to Get Rid of Ear Aches at Home Naturally

How to Get Rid of Ear Aches at Home Naturally

Are you looking for a simple remedy to get rid of ear ache?   This is something which most people suffer from at one point or other in their lives, and a number of home remedies are available for getting rid of it naturally.

The pain can be either inside the ear(otitis media)  or in the outer ear (otitis externa), and is mostly due to an infection, but could sometimes occur on account of broken skin or problems associated with the ear drum(bullous myrngitis).

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The symptoms will generally depend on which part of the ear is affected.

When the external ear is affected or there is any inflammation in the ear tissues, you may not have any external indications of it at all, or at best, you would get a feeling that your ear has been plugged, apart from occasional buzzing or ringing tones.  The pain may be mild to begin with, and then slowly develop along with swelling or redness around the ear indicating infection of the ear canal. In some cases there could be fever as well.  At times, there could also be a discharge frm the affected ear.



If for any reason, moisture gets trapped in the ear canal, it can cause infection and consequent pain.  This can happen if water enters the ear during a bath, or during swimming or in any other environment which is warm and moist, which can cause proliferation of bacteria.  Sometimes, it can be caused by a fungus.  At other times, it may be only a minor injury which causes the pain.    When you have a cold or upper respiratory tract infection whereby even the Eustachian tube in the ear gets infected, fluid tends to collect in the middle ear, causing pain.  Sometimes, it is the eardrum which is affected, either by a perforation, or fluid-filled sores on it(bullous myringitis).  A toothache can also trigger an ear ache.



Earache which is superficial or temporary can be easily treated at home, naturally.   There are several natural ways in which you can cause earache to subside or get rid of it altogether.


Dip a cotton ball in hot alcohol and put in the ear with the pain.  The pain will disappear.


Warm mustard oil or castor oil or even olive oil, when dropped with a dropper into the aching ear, can also relieve the pain.


Applying a simple heat pad  or hot water bag wrapped in a towel, over the ear will cause the pain to subside.


A clove of garlic boiled with olive oil and dropped into the ear, can give much relief.


If the pain begins while you are lying down,  then sitting up in an upright position will ease the pressure on the ear, and consequently the pain will become less.


Peppermint leaf juice, freshly extracted and put in the ear, can alleviate the pain.  Ginger juice can similarly be used because of its anti-inflamatory properties.


Cooked onions taken in a piece of cloth and applied over the aching ear can provide relief.


Other useful general tips for reducing earache include increasing your intake of Vitamin C and Zinc for their anti-inflamatory properties,  staying away from loud sounds, avoiding dairy foods when you have earache,  using ear-plugs while swimming,  using a scarf or cotton earbuds in your ears while driving a 2-wheeler or while going to windy places,  using hydrogen peroxide to remove wax,  chewing gum or sucking candy while in a plane, during takeoff, and keeping your ears clean at all times.


If you still need further natural remedies for ear ache,  you could consult a Professional Natural Therapist.  However, if the pain is persistent or acute then, it is best not to neglect it, and see an ENT specialist straightaway.


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