How to Get Rid of Facial Blushing with Hypnosis programme

How to Get Rid of Facial Blushing with Hypnosis programme Naturally at Home

You seem to have a natural tendency to blush – i.e., turn red in the face in every social situation.  Not only is it embarrassing, but you can see that it is coming in the way of your personal and career enhancement.  You feel unable to stand up and face an audience whenever you need to – you feel tense and you blush immediately. Similar is the case when you need to have a one-to-one conversation or make direct eye contact  with a person of the opposite sex.

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Do not worry – though conventional medicine may not be able to provide you with a solution, there are other ways in which you can get rid of this habit quite easily.  One such method is self-hypnosis – it is one of the methods widely used to send messages to the sub-conscious mind to rectify any beliefs which may be blocking your progress.  You need not worry about the consequences of hypnosis – hypno-therapy is a sound and relaxing method of getting to the root of your problem and eliminating it for good.




Your face turns red and you feel a rush of blood in your face whenever you face any situation which you feel you cannot handle – i.e., public speaking, meeting people you do not know,  feeling anxious about any particular situation, or feeling angry and being unable to express yourself.  Occasionally, along with the flush on the face, you feel your body trembling with fear or rage, or whatever the situation may be.


Blushing is an involuntary action which occurs when your sympathetic nervous system sends a signal to the brain that you are about to face a stressful situation.    The problem with blushing is that it occurs when you are in a group or other social situation and gives the impression that you are unable to cope with the demands of that situation.  The people around you immediately conclude that you are self-conscious or that you have a low self-esteem – and most times, they are right.


The treatment of choice for this particular condition is self-hypnosis.

In this method, you put yourself in a sort of trance and in this state, you are able to examine your psychological behavior.  You can then command your sub-conscious mind to rectify the problem.    It is a very relaxing technique which can help you get rid of unwanted emotions, consequently changing your physical response as well.

In this method, you would need to find a quiet corner, where you will not be disturbed for a while.  Draw the blinds, make yourself comfortable in a chair and relax your body from head to toe.  Imagine an upright scale placed in front of you, the readings on the scale being from 10 at the highest point to 0 at the lowest point on the ground.   When you are relaxed, your comfort level will coincide with a point closer to the 0 on the scale.    Now think of a situation which caused you to blush intensely. Relive that situation and think of your comfort level on the scale.  Itwill most probably coincide with the 10 on the scale. Imagine a sliding pointer stationed on that position on the scale.  Now just relax and tell yourself that you are done with the memory of that incident – it belongs to the past, and you will no longer need to worry about it – calm yourself down completely.  Mentally check your comfort level on the scale – it should be near the 0 mark. Imagine the sliding pointer on that mark now.  Tell yourself that you can feel more relaxed, calm, peaceful, tranquil, more in command of the situation and more confident when the pointer reading is near the 0 on the scale. Mentally  anchor yourself to that position on the scale.  i.e.,  whenever you find yourself in a stressful situation which causes you to blush, imagine the scale infront of you,and just mentally drop the sliding pointer lower and lower and lower – and l o w e r.   As you do this, your face becomes cool and calm and the red colour disappears.

Practice doing this procedure every time you get into a stressful situation.

In course of time, you will become so adept at lowering the pointer in the actual situation, that your habit of blushing will not be there any more.

In case you do not feel confident of doing this process correctly initially, do get in touch with a qualified hypnotherapist.


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