How to Get Rid of Fatty Liver at Home Naturally

How to Get Rid of Fatty Liver at Home Naturally

You have somehow not been quite yourself for some time now. There is a dull continuous pain in the upper right abdomen, and a feeling of dullness, nausea and tiredness seems to have taken over.  Your doctor advised a sonography, based on which he concluded that you are suffering from Steatosis, and he explained that it is another word for a Fatty liver wherein the entire liver gets saturated with triglycerides and thus becomes heavy.    He also told you it is a reversible condition, and while prescribing some medicines,  suggested that you should abstain from alcohol.  You wonder how you are going to get rid of this condition – you do not want to drug yourself – and you are right.You can take the help of Natural Therapy in ridding yourself of this condition by simple adjustments to your diet and lifestyle.

Get Rid of Fatty Liver

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In the initial stages, there may be no symptoms at all, except for tiredness and dullness, and a constant pain in the upper right abdomen.  It is only when the disease is in a fairly advanced stage that you begin to see symptoms such as nausea,loss of appetite, coated tongue, yellowish skin, bloating, flatulence, high BP, blood sugar imbalances,  and inability to lose weight.

Relevant blood tests may indicate the presence of high cholesterol and elevated levels of liver enzymes. This disease is reversible only in the initial stages:  once the tissues of the liver are damaged, there is little chance of repairing them and the condition of the liver may deteriorate, resulting in scarring, inflammation and total failure.



Fatty liver disease can be of 2 types,  one caused by alcohol intake, which is called alcoholic steatosis and another called non-alcoholic steatosis.  Non-alcoholic steatosis can have various causes, including metabolic disorders, starvation, obesity, diabetes,Hepatitis C, toxicity from taking certain antibiotics(tetracycline)  or certain anticonvulsants (valproic acid).  Also build-up of toxins from pesticides, etc over the years, leads to slowing down of liver function in burning fat.



Alcoholic steatosis can be controlled by reducing the intake of alcohol.

Similarly, controlling the blood sugar levels can improve the condition of fatty liver disease in a diabetic.    For fatty liver disease which arises on account of other reasons, the answer is mainly total control of diet, if the disease is in the early stages.


Persons with fatty liver generally tend to accumulate fat around the belly.

Such persons are advised to severely reduce their intake of maida, white bread,noodles, rice and potatoes, particularly at night.  Vegetable oils and spices are to be taken in moderation as also beans and whole grains. Out of  Meat, chicken and eggs, one of these can be taken per day. Small varieties of fish such as mackerel, tuna, etc. along with other foods containing omega-3 fatty acids(beneficial for fatty liver disease) can be taken on alternate days, as also foods containing flavonoids and calcium. Vegetables of all types however, can be consumed freely.   Moderate exercise undertaken daily, helps to burn up fat.  8 glasses of water per day is a must.


The aim of natural therapy in the case of Fatty liver disease, is to remove the fat-filled cells, and commence generation of healthy cells. Certain herbal supplements such as ginger, turmeric, Ginseng and milk thistle if taken regularly, can help in regenerating healthy cells in the liver.

A raw vegetable juice diet adopted for 2-3 days under the guidance of a Natural Therapist, will greatly help in detoxifying the liver and re-start production of healthy cells.


Increase in fibre intake will also help contain fatty liver disease.  Fibre supplements containing rice bran, slippery elm and peppermint and fruit and vegetable powders can be taken for improving bowel function, thus eliminating toxins from the body, which will indirectly improve the condition of the liver.


For more Natural remedies for getting rid of fatty liver disease, do get in touch with a Professional Natural Therapist.


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