How to Get Rid of Frozen Shoulder Naturally at Home

How to Get Rid of Frozen Shoulder Naturally at Home

The pain at your shoulder is truly unbearable – what is more, you are just unable to lift your hand at all.  All your work has come to a standstill because of it – you need help for every single thing, right from combing your hair to bathing – it is really frustrating, especially since you are the type of person who is used to being very independent.  But do not worry – it is not the end of the world – there is hope – this absolutely debilitating condition is curable.  And we are not suggesting that you take either painkillers or antibiotics or any such medication.  You can heal yourself using Natural Therapy – natural methods and natural substances can help bring the situation to normal in less time than conventional medicines would.

Get Rid of Frozen Shoulder

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‘Frozen’ is a very apt term to describe the type of symptoms you experience.

Your shoulder and arm become absolutely stiff, ‘immovable’ literally.  The intensity of  pain which accompanies this condition has to be experienced to be believed. You are unable to carry out any task requiring the use of the hand – the range of motion is extremely limited if at all. It is not only you who finds it difficult to raise the hand – even the doctor who examines it will not be able to move it without causing you immense pain.  At times, there can be an unpleasant odour coming from your underarm.


It is widely believed that scarring or inflammation of the joint capsule of the shoulder is the cause of this condition.  The scarring or inflammation could occur as a result of an injury.  Very often a person gets a frozen shoulder for no apparent reason.    Since women are more affected by it than men, and in view of the fact that it occurs mostly around menopause, it is surmised that there is hormonal link to it.   Heredity is also another factor which is said to have a role in its occurrence. Research indicates that  Posture – particularly the round-shouldered posture – results in frozen shoulder due to shortening of the connecting ligaments, but the study is not conclusive. Diabetes and ageing are pre-disposing factors.  Repeated use of the shoulder joint as in certain forms of sport can also result in frozen shoulder.


Your first move would almost automatically be to consult an orthopaedic surgeon.  But the very word surgery puts you off.  Is there no other method by which you can set this right?   Yes, there is,  it is called Natural Therapy.

A form of natural therapy called Trigger Point Therapy works very effectively for Frozen shoulder.  Trigger points occur as small knots in the muscles which are straightened out with self massage, using special massage balls for this purpose.  In case you are unable to procure these, a tennis ball would work just as well.

Doing simple exercises is highly recommended as a means of rectifying the condition.    Arm circles, shoulder circles and simple leg exercises done under the guidance of a trained physiotherapist are what works best in the circumstances.

You can also attempt to do yoga with the guidance of a trained guru.  Along with exercise this is one more means of freeing up the muscles around the shoulder.

Other methods that work very effectively in curing frozen shoulder depend on Energy healing techniques  – Reiki, Pranic Healing and EFT are proven methods of clearing this condition quickly.

If you need more advise on natural methods of getting rid of frozen shoulder naturally at home, do get in touch with a Professional Natural Therapist.

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