How to Get Rid of Gout at Home Naturally

How to Get Rid of Gout at Home Naturally

The acute pain at the base of your big toe has been diagnosed as due to Gout.

You are already on medication for other conditions and are alarmed at the thought of adding one more drug to your daily routine.    But did you know that this may not be necessary at all?   Gout responds quite effectively to natural remedies, which means you need not think of drugs at all,you need not worry about high cost of medicines,  and what is more, you need not even worry about adverse side-effects of drugs for gout.

Gout - Is Curable Naturally
Gout - Is Curable Naturally


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When you suffer from gout, you most probably will have great problems wearing your sandals.  The reason is that the joint at the base of the big toe becomes inflamed, and presents a reddish, swollen appearance and you suffer intense pain as a result.    It is a form of arthritis;  while in most cases it is only the big toe which is affected, the condition can very well be present in other joints such as the knee,ankles, elbows, finger joints, wrist, etc.    The pain normally begins at night and reaches peak levels in 3-4 hours;  You may also feel tired and listless at the same time. This condition can last for several days and then re-appear only after months or sometimes years.  There can also be fever in some cases.  Diagnosis is generally done based on certain blood tests and examination of joint fluid.



High levels of uric acid in the blood (more than 7 mg/dL), is the chief cause of gout.  Uric acid and its salts are normally excreted in the urine.  If for some reason this does not happen completely, the salts crystallize on the joints, causing the symptoms of gout.  This precipitation increases as the temperature drops, which is why it manifests mainly at night when the temperatures are lower, and on the feet which are the coldest part of the body mostof the time.  Sometimes, gout results from overproduction of uric acid as well.    Gout can also  be  hereditary.  Intake of diuretics,  certain B vitamins,  aspirin, are also found to be contributory factors for occurrence of gout.



A person suffering from gout must necessarily drink lots of water – more than the 8 glasses/day normally prescribed.  This is important from the remedial point of view.  At the same time, one should abstain from taking alcohol, at least till the pain subsides.


Foods rich in purines – i.e., meats, and organ meats, are known to increase uric acid levels in the blood.  These have to be limited in order to keep gout under control.   Also, you should limit your intake of dals, fish, horsegram and radish.


Apples, lemons, French bean juice, carrot juice, cucumber juice, and lime juice are all considered effective natural remedies for gout.  Daily consumption will reduce the levels of inflammation and pain.


Minimise the movement of the affected joints to the extent possible.  Also, avoid direct sun on these joints.


A foot bath in warm water to which some ginger juice or Epsom salt has been added, is another effective remedy for gout.


A poultice made of mustard and wheat flour kept overnight on the affected joints will also bring relief.


Massaging the soles of your feet,  particularly the area between the ball of the foot and the base of the big toe,  will relieve the pain from gout.


If you need still more natural remedies, there are many available.   Diligent application of any which suit your circumstances, will bring about quick results and help you avoid drugs and their side effects.  For further details, do get in touch with a Professonal Natural Therapist.

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