How to Get Rid of Gray & White Hair Naturally

Getting Rid of Gray Hair Naturally

Slender threadlike growth out of the epidermal surface that is usually pigmented is termed as hair and an abundant coating of hair is typical on a human head.  As human body ages, the pigment cells situated at base of each hair root begin to die, gradually resulting in gray hair.  As stated this is usually associated with ageing, but an unhealthy diet with minimal or no nutrition, stress, a bout of severe illness, or an unclean scalp often serve as a path for premature graying.


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The first step taken towards reversing gray hair formation is to follow proper grooming techniques, washing hair and scalp frequently, and choosing hair care products that are gentle and suitable for your hair type.  Furthermore a nutritious diet needs to be followed to increase melanin production which gives your hair its natural color.

Vitamin A and vitamin B6 deficiencies also result in graying of hair sooner than expected.  Begin consuming foods containing vitamin A and vitamin B6 in required amounts like eggs, organ meats (especially liver), green leafy vegetables, carrots, sweet potatoes, apricots, and whole grain cereals at regular intervals.

Seafood consumption is also known to benefit individuals going through hair graying problems.  This may be because of its high copper and iodine content that helps in maintaining the hair’s natural color for a long duration.  Thus include sardines, mackerel, tuna, lobsters, crab, etc. into your diet periodically.

Curry leaves is a rich source of vitamin A, vitamin B, calcium and iron all essential for maintaining lustrous and healthy hair.  Homemade hair oils work better towards treating various hair problems.  One such oil that comes as a boon for premature hair graying problems and which can be prepared at home is as follows:  Heat half a cup of sesame seed oil, throw in 10-15 tender curry leaves, and remove from flame as it reaches close to boiling point.  Cool and apply this liberally on your scalp before bathing.  Do not remove curry leaves from the oil.  Wash your hair approximately 20-30 minutes after application allowing your scalp to absorb the oil as much as possible.  Repeat this process every week religiously for better results.

Another oil preparation that helps in reversing hair graying involves boiling a handful of gooseberries in some coconut oil and applying it on your scalp at least once a week for maximum benefits.  Gooseberry gives a cooling effect for your scalp and hair and enhances hair pigmentation as well as growth naturally.  Coconut oil conditions, nourishes, and strengthens human hair effectively.  Another alternative would involve extracting fresh juice from gooseberries and massaging a few teaspoonfuls on scalp on a daily basis to prevent premature graying of hair.

When hair graying is already established, use natural hair coloring agents to cover gray hairs.  Henna is one such product that covers gray hair effectively and prevents healthy black hair from graying.  Make a thick paste from mixing henna powder with either coffee or tea decoction, coat your hair with this mixture, and leave it on for 2-3 hours before rinsing off with cold water for rewarding results.  Preferably avoid mixing in eggs, olive oil, or yogurt as they are known to interfere with henna’s ability to cover gray hair in an effective manner.

In addition to following the above methods, strictly avoid smoking, excessive alcohol consumption, and unhealthy dieting plans as all these can result in graying of hair earlier than anticipated.  Instead eat healthy and learn to cope with stress through exercise or meditation to enjoy owning healthier looking hair.


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