How to Get Rid of Haemorrhoids ( Piles ) at Home Naturally

How to Get Rid of Haemorrhoids or Piles at Home Naturally

You have of late had some discomfort in the anal area, along with itching, bleeding and pain, and great difficulty in passing stools.  Your doctor has informed you that you are suffering from haemorrhoids, more commonly known as Piles, and that surgery is inevitable.  But this is not true – there are several natural methods by which you can get rid of haemorrhoids without opting for either surgery or expensive drugs – moreover, natural remedies come without any adverse side-effects, and are definitely worth depending upon in place of conventional medicine.

to Get Rid of Haemorrhoids ( Piles ) at Home Naturally

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Intense pain while passing stools,(which are generally hard) bleeding and itching in the anal area, difficulty in remaining seated for long periods, a feeling that there is something like a soft bulge, hanging all the time from the rectum are some of the chief symptoms of haemorrhoids.   On account of loss of blood, the person at times feels anaemic and fatigued.  There is also generally a feeling of incomplete evacuation of the bowels and an urge to visit the toilet more often.



Piles is basically the dilation and inflammation of the veins in the anal and rectal area, the dilation and swelling having been brought about by intense strain in the abdomen while passing stools.  They can be both internal and external.  Severe constipation on account of having a low-fibre diet, is one of the main causes of Piles or haemorrhoids.  Strenuous manual work including standing or sitting for long periods,  or mental tension can also bring about piles.  In fact, anything that increases the pressure or strain  in the abdomen, such as pregnancy, obesity, diarrhoea, etc. can cause the anal veins to swell and appear inflamed. Heredity is another causatory factor.



This extremely discomforting condition is treatable at home, naturally, using natural methods, and there is no need to think about either drugs or surgery, since they tend to recur even after undergoing surgery with the most advanced equipment including laser surgery.  Natural treatment on the other hand is mild and simple, and will diminish the pain and soothe the system, as no other treatment can.


If constipation is the cause of the haemorrhoids, it is important to first treat this condition.  Constipation is generally relieved by having a high-fibre, balanced diet, less fatty food and more of fruits and vegetables.

Sufficient intake of water will ensure that the stools remain soft and would easily pass out of the system.    If the constipation is severe it can be treated by soaking some dry figs in water overnight, and having the figs along with the water the following morning on empty stomach.  This is an excellent remedy for constipation.   You can even use raisins instead of figs if need be.


A good remedy which will soothe the haemorrhoids, is the application of a strong solution of powdered alum in water.


Cold compresses applied over the area before going to bed each night, is also beneficial.    Sitting in a tub of cold water for 15-20 minutes twice a day will help shrink the veins and tone up the walls.


Karela (bitter gourd)leaf  juice taken with buttermilk early in the morning is another good remedy for piles.


The Jambul fruit if taken with salt in the mornings, for 2-3 months during the season, will ensure complete and permanent cure for piles.


If you find the piles are bleeding, you can make use of onion as a remedy.Crush some onion in water, and add double the weight of sugar to it.This mixture should be had twice a day for quick relief.


Sesame seed decoction can also be had internally with beneficial effect.

A paste of these seeds, if applied externally, is also useful in bringing relief.


Haemorrhoids is such a common ailment, that there are various natural ways in which it can be treated and cured completely, without any surgical intervention.   If you need more natural methods of curing piles or haemorrhoids,  do get in touch with a Professional Natural Therapist.

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