How to Get Rid of Head & Facial Sweating Naturally at Home

How to Get Rid of Head & Facial Sweating Naturally


Your face seems to have a tendency to break into a sweat very easily. It’s tolerable when you are at home, but when you are in company, and this happens, it is quite embarrassing.  You are desperately looking for a way to prevent this from happening so often and are wondering whether you should seek medical help.  But did you know that you can rectify this problem naturally, sitting in your own home?  A few diet and lifestyle changes is all it takes to stop the sweating in your head and face at odd times and is definitely preferable to drugs and injections which you might otherwise be subjected to:


Sweating is a natural mechanism by which excess heat is given off by the body through the sweat glands which are present in large numbers all over the skin.  But in some cases, this sweating becomes excessive, and sweat globules appear around the neck, cheeks, chin, lips, forehead, head and in the hair. An observer would begin to wonder whether the person who is sweating so much is going in for a heart attack.  The medical term for this condition is cranial hyperhidrosis and apart from the embarrassment its appearance causes,  the body odor which it gives off is difficult to bear.



The sweating mechanism of our body is controlled by the sympathetic nervous system and sweating is generally a result of being in a stressful situation, or an anxiety-ridden environment, or in the case of a nervous person, while giving a public speech, etc.   It is a hereditary problem, found more in obese persons than in their slimmer counterparts, and can also manifest when your metabolic rate goes up on account of having caffeinated drinks or smoking.



A conventional medical practitioner will prescribe injections or drugs which are mostly temporary, and will have their own side effects.  On the other hand, there are several alternative methods of treating this condition, with natural substances and with a few lifestyle changes:


Having tea made of the herb Sage, is known to reduce profuse sweating of the head and face.  Make use of this natural remedy to the extent possible daily.


Apple cider is another natural substance which prevents excessive facial and scalp sweating.


Apart from this, you would need to keep your metabolism in perfect working order. Make use of olive oil in your diet,drink lots of water, avoid salt and spices and use a facial deodorant sprayed on a handkerchief whenever you are away from home.  Keep yourself stress-free as far as possible.  Meditation is a good practice in this regard.  Keep your face moist by splashing water on it as far as possible and patting dry.


If you are worried about excessive sweating at a meeting or public gathering, about 30 minutes before you reach there, soak your hands in cold water.  This will remove the heat from your system and give a signal to the brain to stop sweating, since the body is now cool.  You will be able to attend your meeting or other get-together without any sweat problems.


There is a natural substance known as Witch Hazel which can stop profuse sweating.  Keep some Witch Hazel pads ready at hand whenever you are outside.


The problem of excessive sweating in the head and face is by and large more of a cosmetic problem, for which several natural solutions are available. For more details on getting rid of this condition naturally,  you will do well to get in touch with a Professional Natural Therapist.

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