How to Get Rid of Hypothyroidism at Home Naturally

How to Get Rid of Hypothyroidism at Home Naturally

Have you been diagnosed with hypothyroidism recently?  If so, your doctor, or rather, endocrinologist, would have informed you that your thyroid gland which is responsible for a good number of bodily functions, is not operating at peak levels, and that it is a common disorder,  but one which needs to be rectified at the earliest.  Do not worry,  it is quite possible to set right this condition even while at home,  naturally,  with natural methods and substances.


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Background and Symptoms


A disorder of the thyroid gland, the largest in the endocrine family, can affect a number of daily activities of a person.  Situated in the neck,  it controls the metabolism and energy levels of the body, apart from other functions.  It converts the iodine in your meals with the help of an aminoacid tyrosine, into T3 and T4 thyroid hormones based on signals it receives from the pituitary gland, in the form of thyroid stimulating hormone(TSH). These then enter the bloodstream to regulate metabolism. Thus, deficiency of this hormone will result in lack of energy, problems in losing weight despite reduced intake, constipation,  loss of hair or dry hair, poor memory, retarded growth, slow pulse, intolerance to cold and high serum cholesterol.  Detection is through blood tests to check the levels of T3/T4 and TSH.



If the thyroid gland is damaged or inflamed on account of attacks from the immune system of the person (autoimmune disease) its functioning is impaired and it may decay in course of time, thus affecting hormone production. (Hasimoto’s disease).   In the case of persons taking radioactive iodine treatment, the thyroid gland itself can be destroyed.   Sometimes, it is the controlling pituitary gland which may be malfunctioning, perhaps on account of a tumour, in which case it may fail signal the thyroid to produce T3/T4.

Iodine deficiency may also cause hypothyroidism,  and it can also be hereditary.



The normal treatment for hypothyroidism is to take supplements of the hormone thyroxine – for a lifetime.   But you can rather embark on a programme of natural remedies for the same result.  Whatever you opt for, you will need to work in close co-ordination with your doctor for monitoring the hormone levels from time to time:


Increase your consumption of iodine-rich foods : Thus, your diet should include more of bananas, eggs, potatoes, oats, parsley and shellfish.


In case you are deficient in selenium, the process of conversion of T4 hormone  to the more active T3, required for absorption in the cells, may not take place.  Hence ensure that you get sufficient selenium in your diet.  It is available in plenty in turkey, cod, halibut, calf liver, salmon, sardines and shrimps.


Ensure also that you get sufficient amounts of tyrosine, essential for formation of the thyroid hormone.  This aminoacid is available from almonds, sesame seeds, pumpkin seeds, avocados and bananas.


Reduce the use of polyunsaturated oils in your cooking, while increasing that of cocoanut oil.  Cocoanut oil helps metabolism and will support  the thyroid to function better.  Polyunsaturated oils interfere much with the secretion and movement of thyroid hormones.


Fluorides in your toothpaste may affect the functioning of the thyroid gland.

Hence it is good to use toothpastes which do not contain fluorides if you are hypothyroid.


If you still need more tips on managing your hypothyroidism naturally, your best option is to get in touch with a Professonal Natural Therapist.


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