How to Get Rid of Itchy Scalp at Home Naturally

How to Get Rid of Itchy Scalp at Home Naturally

You seem to be facing a new problem – that of an itchy scalp.  Over the last few days, your fingers can’t help but reach for your scalp – the itch is so intense.

Do not worry – there are natural ways to get rid of an itch on the scalp.  You need not spend huge amounts on doctor’s fees for this purpose, nor for any expensive medicines.  You can very well cure the condition with the natural substances available in your own home.


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Get Rid of Itchy Scalp


It is quite possible that though you feel the itch, there is no visible rash on the scalp nor are there any cracks in the skin.  The intensity of the itch, how often you feel the itch, etc. all depend on the causes, of which there are many.  Most of the time, the itch on the scalp is due to allergy to a new hair product, or dandruff – these require very little attention and will subside on their own.  In some other cases, the itch is accompanied by blistering,  or rash, or bumps on the scalp.  In yet other cases, the itching occurs in conjunction with other symptoms such as hair loss or hair dryness, inflammation, burning sensation,  pain,  and itch in other parts of the body such as the elbows, neck, knees, etc. .  An itchy scalp can also occur along with other symptoms in other parts of the body, apart from the skin- i.e., fatigue, joint pain, anxiety, etc: In such cases, the itch would be on account of other underlying medical conditions which may need to be investigated.  Sometimes, you can see nits of headlice on the scalp and hair.



Dandruff, which occurs on account of oily skin combined with other factors,  is one of the main causes of itchy scalp.    In some cases, it could occur due to inflammation on account of psoriasis, infection brought about by scratching,  allergies from products used on the hair, or head lice, hypothyroidism, lupus or even stress.



Mild cases of itchy scalp on account of dandruff or dry hair, can be cured effectively by natural means.  Drink lots of water – mineral water – especially one glass before coffee or tea, early in the morning.  Another remedy is to treat it with warm olive oil.  Massage it into your scalp and leave it there for half an hour before washing off.  A mixture of olive oil and any other vegetable oil can be added to the bath water and used on the scalp for relief from itch.


Lemon oil and tea tree oils can be used on the scalp to get rid of other kinds of itch, caused by lice, or dry hair.


Other painful and itchy conditions of the scalp can be cured with a paste of oatmeal in water, to which a few drops of lavender and rosemary oil have been added.


For itchy scalp on account of psoriasis, apple cider vinegar works very effectively as a natural remedy.  It has to be applied directly on the affected area and left on the head for half an hour before washing off.


Itchy scalp does not require the services of a doctor in most cases. It can be easily got rid of at home, naturally, choosing from an array of natural methods and substances.  For more tips on clearing the itch on your scalp, you can get in touch with a Professional Natural Therapist.


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