How to Get Rid of Kidney Stone at Home Naturally

How to Get Rid of Kidney Stone at Home Naturally

The sudden cramping pain you suffered yesterday in your flanks and groin, and other accompanying symptoms were indicative of stones in the kidney and the blood in your urine supported your presumption.  Your ultrasound report as also blood test reports, received today, confirm the same.   The doctor suggested lithotripsy for crushing the stones, stating that they appeared to be calcium stones, and this has got you substantially worried.   But perhaps you are not aware that kidney stones can be got rid of, by natural treatment, using natural methods and substances, without the need for a hospital stay,and without the use of expensive drugs or processes.

  • Stone in Kidneys
  • Stone in Ureter
  • Stone in Bladder – Natural treatment can dissolve & pass stones in all the above locations.

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Get Rid of Kidney Stone


Small kidney stones do not present any symptoms and generally pass out with the urine.  However, in case of larger stones, there could be several indications. Though there are several types of kidney stones, all have certain common symptoms, such as sudden severe, unbearable pain in the groin, flanks where the kidneys are located, and also at times in the back.  Nausea and vomiting are other common symptoms, as also blood in the urine.  Fever and chills can occur in some instances, depending on the type and size of the stone.


There are mainly four types of kidney stones, the causes differing for each of these:  But by and large, stones form in the kidneys as a result of dehydration or insufficient intake of fluids causing precipitation of stones in the urine.

Calcium Stones: occur in the kidneys as calcium oxalate or calcium phosphate, due to high levels of oxalate or phosphates in the diet.

Struvite Stones : generally occur as a result of infection of the urinary tract.

Uric Acid Stones can be hereditary; also those who have a high protein diet are more prone to this type of stones.

Cystine Stones: occur on account of a hereditary problem, whereby excess amino acids are excreted by the kidneys.


Knowing the type of kidney stones you suffer from provides a key to the type of treatment which would best suit the situation:  There are several natural methods by which kidney stones can be removed.  However, drinking adequate amounts of water is necessary in all cases of kidney stones.

In the case of calcium stones, increasing the intake of substances containing magnesium will reduce the amount of calcium in the urine by controlling the rate of absorption of calcium in the gut.

Do not starve – this increases the acidity level in the urine and consequent formation of stones .  High protein diets work similarly and hence are best avoided.

To avoid uric acid stones, avoid purine-containing foods such as smaller varieties of fish.    A mixture of lemon juice with olive oil, taken for 2-3 days, can cure uric acid stones.

For struvite stones, one needs to increase consumption of foods which acidify the urine, such as animal proteins and citrus juices.

Castor oil packs placed over the kidneys, can help to dissolve kidney stones.

Herbal teas made with meadowsweet or sarsaparilla, are good remedies for kidney stones.  Nettle leaf tea, made by soaking nettle leaves in hot water, are also a good remedy for kidney stones.

Take one tablespoon honey with tulsi leaf juice daily :  Though the results from this are slow, they will surely work to remove all the stones from the kidneys.

It is very much possible to get rid of kidney stones without going for conventional methods and processes.  Natural remedies work well in this regrd.

For knowing more about these remedies, please get in touch with a Professional Natural Therapist.

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