How to Get Rid of Lipoma Lumps Naturally at Home

How to Get Rid of Lipoma Lumps Naturally at Home

You have recently noticed a roundish lump of about 2-3 cm. diameter on the back of your neck.  It has been there for a couple of weeks now, not grown in size, but you are worried.  Your doctor informed you that it is known as a lipoma, and that you need not worry about it at all.  Yet it appears unsightly, and you would like to see it disappear.  What do you do?  The normal method adopted for removal of lipomas, is by excision.  But of course you do not want to undergo any surgical procedure.  You are more comfortable with alternative treatment – and fortunately for you, there are other ways of removing lipomas – Natural methods based on natural substances and methods which are effective yet simple and inexpensive, and do not produce any side effects, unlike prescription drugs.

Get Rid of Lipoma Lumps

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Lipomas are small dome shaped lumps of fat, 2-5 cm in diameter, which form directly under the skin, on the arms, torso and back of the neck in persons in the age group 20 – 40 years.  They can sometimes be found on other parts of the body as well, sometimes internally on the gastrointestinal tract. Those which grow externally are painless (unless they are adjacent to a nerve),  and are soft to the touch.  Lipomas are always benign, and there is no fear of their being transformed into cancerous lumps at a later stage.   Removal of lipomas is normally carried out only for cosmetic reasons.


There is really no known cause for a lipoma to appear.   They are thought to have genetic origin, or could perhaps be the result of a mild blow to the affected part.


Except for the fact that they can mar your appearance, you really need not worry about lipomas – they cause no harm – unless they have grown internally, in which case you may have to remove them.

There are several natural substances which can effectively cure a lipoma.

Some of these natural remedies are given below:

Chickweed, which can be easily obtained from a herbalist, can be taken in the form of a tincture – one teaspoon thrice a day.  Alternatively, you can rub chickweed ointment over the lipoma several times a day.  The lump should subside in a few days.

Add lemon juice to the water you drink in the normal course.  This will help to remove toxins from the body as well as remove excess fat.

Bitter herbs such as goldenseal or yarrow if taken internally, can help metabolize fats including the fat in lipomas.  Citrus peel or olives also work well in the same way.

Cedar ointment applied directly over a lipoma and massaged into the skin, will help remove the lipoma easily.

A herbalist or qualified natural therapist will be in the know of many more remedies for lipoma.  Hence if you are keen on having your lipoma removed by methods other than incision, all you need to do is get in touch with a professional Natural Therapist.

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