How to Get Rid of Marijuana Smoking Naturally

Getting Rid of Marijuana Smoking Naturally

Marijuana is most commonly used as a psychoactive drug derived from dried leaves and flowering buds of the hemp plant that is smoked for its intoxicating effects.  This also has therapeutic effects and is used medically to relieve pain.  However, persistent compulsive use of this substance leads to a state of being addicted known by the user to be harmful but cannot be restrained from.  It may help you to hide from your responsibilities and negative emotions temporarily but you cannot completely do away with these thoughts and feelings.

 to Get Rid of Marijuana Smoking Naturally

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Smoking marijuana is a costly habit both in financial and human terms.  It interferes with your personal and social relationships.  No wife/husband or girlfriend/boyfriend will want a loser as their partner.  Marijuana also inhibits your decision making abilities lowering your output at the career front thereby placing your job in jeopardy.  Marijuana does not come cheap and will eat into your finances at a rapid rate.

The decision to quit should come from within.  When the decision is made solely due to family or social pressure the chances of returning to smoking ‘weed’ are high.  One may be able to go for months without smoking marijuana but when the going becomes tough, he or she will find solace in smoking ‘weed’ again.  This is a vicious cycle which requires several attempts to break from because of its well-defined physiological and psychological symptoms upon withdrawal.

Think of all the health benefits you will experience from marijuana smoking cessation.  You will enjoy more stamina, your memory power will improve, and you will have a clutter-free mind that will not interfere with your ability to reflect and ponder on important matters.  You will also not encounter mood swings, irritability, or lose your temper for no obvious reasons making you a perfect jerk in front of your loved ones.  More importantly you will enjoy a bigger bank balance.

Once the desire to cease marijuana use springs up make a plan and put it completely into effect.  Put in all your efforts and will power to come out of your lifestyle that surrounds around marijuana.  Gradually reduce the number of times you smoke a given day getting it down to one smoke a day.  Then slow it down to one smoke every other day and so on for about a couple of months and then cease completely.

Stay active, exercise a lot, and if possible develop an interest in some form of sports.  When you feel depressed or anxious go for long walks when it is possible or talk to your close buddy about what you are going through.  As far as possible avoid being alone and surround yourself with near and dear ones.  Make it a point to socialize with positive people.  If being alone cannot be avoided lay your hands on a good collection of movies to watch, games that can be played, or listen to music which will keep you distracted.  Drink lots of fresh vegetable and fruit juices, and consume fresh salads to help your stomach deal with withdrawal symptoms.  Reduce caffeine intake as this instigates anxiety and panic attacks.  Immerse yourself in a warm bubble bath around bedtime and engross yourself in a good book to help you sleep better through the night.

Marijuana smoking is at all times accompanied by alcohol consumption so quit alcohol to take your mind completely off of ‘weed’.  Get a doctor’s help when withdrawal symptoms become difficult to be handled alone.


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 to Get Rid of Marijuana Smoking Naturally

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