How to Get Rid of Multiple Sclerosis Naturally at Home

How to Get Rid of Multiple Sclerosis Naturally at Home

When your doctor finally  said that you are suffering from Multiple Sclerosis, you thought it was the end of the world for you.  You have heard about this being a very debilitating disease and all the comfort and consolation that the doctor tried to offer had little meaning for you.   He of course has prescribed a host of drugs including steroids, but you have heard also of their side effects.   You are really confused and depressed – no solution seems to be in sight – but do try not to worry – if you can achieve that, you are half-way on the road to recovery.  Worry kills – moreover, it is not warranted, because you have a wonderful alternative in Natural Therapy which makes use of natural substances only to bring about a cure, and you will suffer none of the side-effects which prescription medicines usually have.


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Causes and Symptoms:

The symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis or MS as it is known, are so varied and common to other illnesses, that it makes the doctor’s task in diagnosing it an extremely difficult one.  It is generally diagnosed with the help of MRIs, and analysis of the cerebro-spinal fluid.   MS is basically the degeneration of the central nervous system on account of the impairment of the protective sheath of the nerves called the myelin sheath which is responsible for sending nerve impulses to the brain. It is an autoimmune disease wherein the immune system recognizes the myelin sheath as intruder and attacks it.  This results in hardening of the tissues in the optic nerve, brain and spinal cord, a process known medically as sclerosis.  This hardening of the tissues results in disruption or slowing down of nerve impulses to the brain, which then gives rise to aches and pains, lack of sensation  and weakness in the limbs and extremities, and blurring of vision.  The latter in fact, is one of the first signs of MS.  Lack of co-ordination among muscles, lack of balance and poor gait are some of the other initial symptoms of this disease.  Mood swings, depression and a slow impairment of thinking capacity of the individual are other symptoms which appear with time.


It is generally felt that the only way to treat Multiple Sclerosis is with  corticosteroids.   This is a wrong assumption.   Natural Therapy is very well able to bring relief in the case of Multiple Sclerosis as well as many other delibitating illnesses.  At the least, it will definitely bring down the dosage of medication which a person has been prescribed, thus reducing adverse effects of conventional medicines.

A definite connection has been established between hydrogenated fats, animal fats and MS.  Thus, the first step in the natural treatment of this condition is to abstain from all froms of hydrogenated fats/trans-fats/animal fats.

There are a good number of natural substances, which are widely recommended for relief from MS. Some of these are fresh or refrigerated flaxseed oil, evening primrose oil, and cod-liver oil,all of which go to build a healthy nervous system.  Cocoanut oil (3-4 tbsp for 3-4 months)is said to prevent damage to the myelin sheath of the nerves.

Among the vitamins which are helpful in the case of MS,  B vitamins are the most important:  Among B Vitamins,Inositol, Folic acid, and methylcobalamine are considered more effective. Patients suffering from MS are particularly always found to be deficient in methylcobalamine (B12) probably on account of high intake of green leafy vegetables.  Other vitamins necessary for good nerve health are Vitamins A,C,E and CoQ10.

Various minerals are also considered beneficial in the natural treatment of MS.   The all-important Magnesium helps relieve muscle spasms while Manganese increases muscle strength and also regulates nerve impulses.  Presence of vitamin D is crucial for absorption of Mg.

Zinc and selenium supplementation is necessary for MS patients, since depletion rates of these minerals is found to be high in their case.

Turmeric (which contains curcumin)  and garlic are found to benefit persons having MS sufferers and increased intake of these natural substances is therefore highly recommended.

Thus, persons suffering from MS need not despair.There are sufficient ways in which, given the will to improve, they can very well take charge of their condition and return to normalcy.  For more ways in which natural therapy can help MS please get in touch with a Professonal Natural Therapist.

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