How to Get Rid of Osteoporosis at Home Naturally

How to Get Rid of Osteoporosis at Home Naturally

You are getting on in years and the aches and pains of old age are beginning to bother you more than they did a few years ago.  Particularly your lower back has been troubling you quite a bit these days.    Also, you get a feeling that you have shrunk.    The most important thing for you in this condition is not to worry –  this is part of old age – you are probably suffering from a bone disorder called osteoporosis (osteo=bones, porosis = porosity) , in which the bones become porous  and there is loss of bone mass.  But with the help of natural remedies, and a little care and attention you can aim at rectifying the situation and reduce the risks it entails.


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It is easy for a person with osteoporosis to fracture their bones, particularly those of the hips, spine and wrists.   Osteoporosis if untreated, can go unnoticed for many years; however, in case of a fall, or any other injury to the bones, a fracture will result.   Compression fractures are particularly common among those having osteoporosis, i.e., a weak vertebra will simply collapse.   Bone erosion also results in Low back pain, neck or foot pain, so commonly experienced by persons with osteoporosis.   Poor posture in such a person will easily lead to a hump.



A mineral most essential for building healthy bones, is calcium.  Much attention needs to be paid right from childhood years, to the calcium intake.

A bone densitometry examination will reveal the extent of bone present in the skeletal system.  The higher the bone density, the healthier is the bone. Bone erosion occurs with age, and the situation can worsen rapidly in the absence of sufficient calcium.  Lack of Vitamin D inhibits the absorption of calcium.  Hence both calcium and vitamin D are necessary for a healthy skeletal system, in the absence of which, the quality of the bone deteriorates.


Other reasons for occurrence of osteoporosis are alcoholism, smoking, hormonal imbalance and physical inactivity.


It is important to restore bone mass as far as possible so as to avoid the incidence of fractures.  Some modifications in lifestyle and diet will help to a great extent in achieving this end:


Exercise, particularly weight-lifting, if done right from adolescence, will help build up bone density which can stand you in good stead in later years.

Walking, jogging and swimming also will help but to a lesser degree.


Dietwise, ensure that you are taking sufficient calcium.    Supplements can be taken if need be.   Along with calcium, ensure that you also get your daily quota  of Vitamin D, to enable calcium absorption.   Oats, barley, green vegetables, spinach, egg yolk and yogurt should form part of your diet daily.  Additionally,  you can also have some quantity of nuts, seeds and berries so as to provide other nutrients such as magnesium, potassium and silicon, and Vitamin K,  essential for bone health. Boron and magnesium ensure that the calcium which is absorbed, remains in the bones and is not drained off by the excess salt that we are prone to ingest.  Manganese, zinc, copper, phosphorus, Vitamin B6 and folic acid are the other nutrients necessary to keep your bones in good order.


In the case of women, estrogen supplements will help restore lost bone



It is important also to ensure that you stop smoking and consuming alcohol, both of which erode bone density.


Educating people w.r.t. the importance of bone health right from the earlier years, is important.    While it is possible to restore some amount of lost bone mass in later years, it greatly helps if the bones are strong right from childhood.  Many more tips are available on how to have and maintain healthy bones, and also to cure osteoporosis but for this, your best option would be to speak to a Natural Therapist.


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