How to Get Rid of Parkinson’s Naturally at Home

How to Get Rid of Parkinson’s Naturally at Home

The  tremor in your father’s hands even when they are at rest, is very obvious.  Also, his gait is not very steady these days.  He is surely suffering from Parkinson’s disease, you feel – and when you took him to the doctor, he also confirmed it.     This is really worrying you – apart from whatever your father is undergoing as a result of this condition afflicting him, you also will have to re-organise a lot of matters.

Do not worry – the situation is not as alarming as it appears – though the doctor may hve told you the condition is incurable, yet you can take recourse to Natural Therapy which offers remedies even for parkinsons – by using only natural substances, this form of treatment aims at bringing about improvement in the worst of diseases.

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Apart from tremors in the hand, which prevent the person from carrying out daily tasks such as dressing or writing, the cognitive behavior of the person also undergoes several changes. The person sometimes stares blankly into space.  As the disease progresses, rigidity of the limbs becomes apparent, and movement becomes slow and restricted.  The person tends to lean slightly forward and take shuffling steps instead of walking easily.


Parkinson’s results from the degeneration of certain cells in a part of the brain known as the substantia nigra, on account of their being starved of the chemical dopamine which is essential for co-ordinating movement in the brain.

All the nerve pathways become swollen in a person suffering from parkinsons. One school of thought ascribes the cause to the influenza virus but research on this is still in progress.  Heavy metal toxicity and Magnesium and  B12 deficiency are other factors which could bring about this condition.


Colloidal silver is very often used in the treatment of parkinsons, in view of its ability to combat chronic infection.

Since the processed fats which we eat are considered as one of the chief causes of hardening of the membranes around the cells, it is best to avoid all margarines, transfats, etc.  and switch to oils containing omega 6 fatty acids.  Olive oil and cocoanut oil are recommended in this regard.

Black seed oil is another oil rich in this EFA.  These oils nourish the membranes around the cells, thus preventing their decay.   Since it is cholesterol which transports these oils around the cells throughout the body, it is not considered wise to eliminate totally, cholesterol from the diet.

Applying magnesium chloride on the skin (abdomen and armpits) of the sufferer is an effective way of magnesium supplementation which is necessary for Parkinsons.  Many of the symptoms are believed to disappear with its application.

Taking high doses of Vitamin B12 sublingually is known to alleviate the symptoms of Parkinsons.  It should be taken in the form of methylcobalamine which is best able to cross the blood  brain barrier and get itself absorbed beneficially.

Removing heavy metal toxicity is another step which needs to be done in the treatment of parkinsons.  For more details on this, and other methods of relieving the symptoms of Parkinsons, do get in touch with a Professional Natural Theapist.

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