How to Get Rid of Restless Leg at Home Natually

How to Get Rid of Restless Leg at Home Natually


Your legs just seem to want to keep moving – for no apparent reason.

It’s an irresistible urge, which seems partially to subside only after you have walked for a while.   Sometimes you feel as if there is something creeping or crawling up your legs – or sometimes there is a feeling that the legs are being pulled – there is pain as well, and thus, a lot of discomfort.

Your doctor has diagnosed it as Restless Leg Syndrome and prescribed some drugs:  However, there are certain natural means by which you can curb this sensation in your legs and this method in fact works much better than drugs which bring with them several adverse side effects.  Sometimes anticonvulsants are prescribed for RLS, and you can imagine the side-effects of those.


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An irrepressible urge for movement in the upper or lower limbs and sometimes even the torso, is the chief characteristic of persons suffering from Restless Leg Syndrome or RLS.  With this urge comes an indescribable sensation in that particular limb – something like numbness, or tingling or burning or pins and needles.   It is generally relieved with activity or movement, but returns when the movement is stalled.  Some persons may experience this condition only at night, while for others it can occur any time in the day or night.    Thus, some persons have a very disturbed sleep, resulting in daytime drowsiness, which can culminate in various other problems and affect the quality of the person’s life.



RLS is considered to be a neurological disorder, akin to Parkinsons, and is thought to result from an insufficiency of iron in a certain structure in the midbrain known as the substantia nigra, the same site where the neurotransmitter dopamine is produced, which also has a role to play in the occurrence of RLS.    Surgery of the spine, or injury to the back are other causes of RLS.   Diagnosis is done by blood tests which eliminate other problems. There is no direct method of detecting RLS.



Conventional medicine has some drugs to offer for treatment of this condition, but rather than go with this form of remedy,  it is safer and more effective to go for Natural Therapy in this case. Surgery is totally ruled out, as it can only worsen the situation.


Walking a little before bedtime, may help to stave off an attack of RLS. Walking helps to release endorphins and one can sleep more restfully.


Taking a multivitamin daily will help normalize levels of iron and folate both of which have a bearing on the symptoms of RLS.  Taking a magnesium supplement helps in some cases.


Fatigue can trigger a bout of RLS.  Hence ensure that you get adequate rest daily.


Rubbing your legs before bedtime is beneficial in some cases.


Stopping or reducing the intake of caffeinated drinks can effectively give relief in RLS.  Quitting smoking also has beneficial effect.


The herb Mucuna Pruriens is considered helpful in treating the symptoms of RLS.


Massaging certain acupressure points on the middle of the calf, through which the bladder meridian goes,  helps in clearing the symptoms of RLS almost immediately.


Applying hot pads on the legs helps some persons.   Ice packs help certain others.


Maintaining a regular sleep schedule and avoiding naps in the afternoon, will help you get a good night’s sleep free of RLS attacks.


Keep indoors and keep warm during the cold season. Long exposure to cold can bring on an attack of RLS.


There are many other tips and remedies under Natural Therapy which can help reduce the symptoms of Restless Leg Syndrome.  A Professional Natural Therapist would perhaps be able to guide you better in this regard.


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