How to Get Rid of Ringworm at Home Naturally

How to Get Rid of Ringworm at Home Naturally

The skin on your hands has suddenly broken into a rash with raised patches, encircled by red rings.  The skin has also become somewhat scaly around it, and you want to scratch all the time.   You visited your doctor, who after having the scrapings of your skin examined under a microscope, came to the conclusion that you are suffering from ringworm.  Now, do not worry – it is not a worm infestation.  Ringworm is not a worm at all – it is a fungus, and you must have contracted it by contact with an affected person or clothing of such a person in all probability.  But there is nothing to worry about – you can get rid of this condition quite easily at home, using natural therapy to effect a cure.


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Ringworm is Curable at Home

There are several types of ringworm fungus, each affecting different areas of the body.   When it occurs on the hands, the skin on the palms of the  hands becomes rough, dry and scaly and the skin between the fingers can have tiny lesions.  It can also occur on the folds of the skin around the groin, thighs and buttocks, where it goes by the name of Jock itch. If it occurs on the soles of the feet, you will find the skin there becoming hard and scaly and also very itchy. It can also occur on the face, when the skin around the neck and beard erupts in irregular red patches, with the hair on the beard breaking off.



The ringworm fungi thrive in warm, moist areas, such as the folds of the skin, or on the hair, and in locker rooms, swimming pools and unwashed clothing,towels, headgear,  etc.   Even animals are not spared.  It can also grow in the fur of animals.   Warm moist soil is another place where they will grow and spread quickly so if a person moves around in such soil without proper footwear, there is a great likelihood of the fungus being transferred on to their feet.  Sweaty underarms or other sweaty areas are also a good breeding ground for them.  Ringworm is highly contagious and can spread from one person to another by contact wit the person, or with such an infected person’s clothing, comb, towel, helmet, scarves, etc.



Once the presence of the ringworm fungus is confirmed, you need not waste time with other forms of treatment.  Go directly for natural remedies, since they work best for ringworm.  Drugs, on the other hand, may prove harmful in the long run, and are best avoided.


You can make use of mustard seeds or dry papaya seeds, both of which are proven remedies for ringworm.   Wash the affected area thoroughtly, and apply a paste of either of these seeds over it.


Another home remedy consists in applying the juice of the holy basil leaves over the affected areas.


Similarly, you can extract the juice of raw turmeric and apply it over the infected parts.  At the same time, take a tablespoon of the juice mixed with honey daily till the ringworm subsides.


A 500 ml mixture of carrot juice and spinach juice is a very efficacious remedy for ringworm.  This quantity should be taken daily, till results are obtained.


You can use also garlic oil or vitamin E oil beneficially over the affected areas.   Olive oil also works just as well.


Exposure to  bright  sunlight is another way of treating ringworm naturally.

The fungus which is used to dark areas, cannot thrive in sunlight.


There are many more ways in which you can treat ringworm naturally.  There is really no need to go to a doctor, except for a proper diagnosis.   For more remedies of the type indicated above, you can get in touch with a Professional Natural Therapist.


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