How to Get Rid of Scabies at Home Naturally

How to Get Rid of Scabies at Home Naturally

You have spent a sleepness night yesterday- the itching was so intense and uncontrollable,  especially between the fingers.  Applying lotion or prickly heat powder does not seem to help.  Tiny red sores are also developing in other parts of the body.   It is necessary to see a dermatologist to have the condition diagnosed – you are most probably suffering from Scabies.  Do not however, worry at all, since it is quite possible to get rid of this condition with the help of natural substances available everyday in your own home.


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Scabies is Curable

Scabies is a skin disease which causes a relentless itch, more so during the night.  The fingers and hands, especially near the elbows, back, buttocks,   are mostly affected but it can occur on any other part of the body as well.  It is highly contagious, and if you have been affected, look around for someone close to you who also has it – it is passed on by direct contact.  You cannot help but scratch your skin, and when you do so, tiny red sores appear in those places.   Also to be seen on the skin are burrows or pencil mark-like lines, caused by the itch mite responsible for scabies.



Scabies is caused by the scabies mite, an 8-legged parasite, almost invisible to the naked eye.    These mites dig burrows in the skin which look like thin pencil marks, for laying their eggs which take 3 weeks to hatch.   These burrows, with mosquito-bite like sores near them are very characteristic of this condition. Movement of the mites on the skin causes allergic itch . Diagnosis is carried out by  examination of the skin under a microscope followed by a biopsy.



Scratching on account of the itch in scabies, can cause blistering and bleeding of the skin, which can sometimes lead to secondary infections that may become serious.  Hence it is always best to take prompt action in treating the scabies itself at the earliest, and the best way to do so is to reach for the natural substances with healing properties which are available in your own home.


Make use of the excellent healing properties of the Aloe Vera plant, for getting rid of the itch produced by the Scabies mite.   Use freshly squeezed juice from the plant as far as possible and apply it directly on the scabies rash.   The itch will disappear soon.   Commercially available aloe vera gel can also be used similarly.


Another home remedy consists of a mixture of onion juice and sea salt.  Prepare some onion juice and mix it with coarse salt solution.  Apply this over the scabies rash 3-4 times daily.  It is an effective remedy for scabies.


Calamine lotion, can also be applied to help the itch to abate.


Having a warm water bath to which some tea tree oil has been added, will give good relief from the itch.  Tea Tree oil has excellent antimicrobial properties and is used with great advantage for healing several skin conditions including scabies.  It can also be applied directly on the affected skin.



Geranium oil applied directly on the affected skin, can help get rid of the rash and itch of scabies.   A paste made of turmeric and neem oil will also work effectively on getting rid of scabies.


It is also essential to maintain good hygienic surroundings, taking care not to share any clothing or other belongings with infected persons.  Also, thorough cleaning and vacuuming of living areas is a must on a regular basis.


If you need further ways of getting rid of scabies,  it would be good for you to get in touch with a Professional Natural Therapist.


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