How to Get Rid of Sinus at Home Naturally

How to Get Rid of Sinus at Home Naturally

Do you suffer regularly from Sinusitis?  If so,  it would be useful for you to know exactly what goes on behind the scenes, when you get that feeling of congestion  and discomfort in your face, particularly in the nose which begins to run with a thick discharge, and you feel almost feverish.    It would also help you to know that instead of rushing to your doctor each time, you can very easily treat this condition quite effectively in your own home with the aid of Natural Therapy. Not only will you be free of adverse side effects which the prescription medicines, mostly antibiotics, will have, but you will also be spending less for each of the bouts of sinusitis which you are prone to suffer from every now and then.


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 Get Rid of Sinus at Home

A person who suffers from sinus problems, finds that he/she is frequently suffering from it.  An acute attack normally lasts 10 days at a time, occurring no more than 3-4 times annually, while for a chronic case there is almost no respite from the symptoms, which range from migraine type headache to runny nose, to fever and pain in the back of the eyes and cheeks.  The throat also gets affected, and the nose feels stuffy all the time.   Overall, there is an unwell feeling and day-to-day activities suffer.



Sinusitis or inflammation of the sinuses, is generally caused by a virus, though bacterial infection or allergens can also be the reason for an attack. There are four pairs of sinuses or cavities in the head, called sinuses, spread over the inside of the face, behind the eyes, cheeks and  forehead.

When there is an infection,the cells lining the sinuses get damaged, causing the lining to thicken and block the nasal passage, thereby disrupting the blocking out of the bacteria from the nasal passage.  The bacteria in the nasal passage then further damage the sinus lining, and the sinuses are thoroughly inflamed, causing the symptoms which we are so familiar with.

Allergens in polluted are are also a major cause of sinusitis



In order to replace the moisture lost through a leaky nose, it is very essential to drink lots of water.  This will also keep the mucus drained and clear the congestion in the nose.   At the same time, it is better to avoid caffeinated drinks like coffee and tea, since they act as diurectics and drain the moisture from the body.


Also it is necessary to keep away from polluted atmosphere, especially while travelling even within the city.   While doing this, it also makes sense to abstain from smoking so that the allergens present in the cigarette smoke do not affect your sinuses.


A steam inhalation is an excellent method of clearing your sinuses.  Add some drops of eucalyptus oil to boiling water in a pot.  Bend your head into the pot so that you are able to directly inhale the vapours.  Cover your head fully with a bedsheet while doing so to prevent the vapours from escaping.


You can also use chopped garlic instead of eucalyptus oil in the above process.


Using basil oil for inhalation is also an effective natural process for clearing the sinuses.  Adding basil leaves to the water in which you prepare your tea is also a useful practice when you have this problem.


Drinking warm water in which some honey and lemon are added,  early in the morning is a good natural remedy for congested nose and throat.


Take some mustard seeds and boil them in water to make a strong decoction. Put a few drops of this into your nose to naturally get rid of the congestion.


Cinnamon or dry ginger powder when made into a paste with water and applied over the forehead, gives considerable relief.


If you still need more natural remedies for treating your sinuses,  do get in touch with a Professional Natural Therapist.


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