How to Get Rid of Skin Picking Naturally

Getting Rid of Skin Picking

Skin picking is a habit formed with constant rubbing and digging into skin in an attempt to remove any perceived irregularities on the facial epidermal surface.  It is not uncommon to find people occasionally pick at pimples, acne, whiteheads or blackheads while watching television, reading, or talking over the phone.  However, when this becomes a repetitive behavior it is viewed as a chronic problem which can lead to scarring and in more severe cases permanent tissue damage.  The act of picking in such individuals is done at times of stress, fear, boredom or even excitement.


Skin picking is an independent problem not a symptom of any underlying physical illness or disease condition.  It can however accompany other psychological symptoms like anxiety or depression.  If you suffer from this obsessive-compulsive disorder seek help immediately before it worsens which can lead to permanent disfigurement.  Begin to accept that life is full of ‘ups’ and ‘downs’.  Every individual will at some point in their life go through painful situations and feelings.  Do not allow these feelings to take control over you, but let them come and go.

Distract yourself whenever past traumatic thoughts begin to creep into your mind.  Get yourself out and take in some fresh air, do some gardening, or engage in a conversation with your neighbors.  This should be a conscious effort to stop unpleasant thoughts from sneaking into your mind which leads to your habit of skin picking.

Many a times skin irregularities are noted when more time is spent in front of a mirror exploring your facial skin surface in detail.  The desire to pick at them in order to ‘fix’ it arises leading to picking at your skin.  Set aside only few minutes to admire yourself in the mirror every day and while doing so avoid minutely inspecting your skin for minor defects.

Become aware and conscious of your hand movements and note down in a journal the situations and emotions that trigger this action.  Then try and avoid these triggers and when avoidance is not possible gain control over the stimulant self consciously.  Inform your family and friends to help discourage and reprimand whenever they notice you picking at your skin.  Since this is done more frequently when alone begin to enjoy the company of your friends and relatives and try spending more time with other people.

Keep your hands busy.  When you are at home and the need for skin picking slowly begins to develop, grab a dust-cloth and begin dusting furniture or vacuum clean your precious carpets, iron washed clothes, or develop an interest in cooking.  When at your workplace keep a stress ball at your workstation and work on them when the need arises.

Practice deep breathing techniques and employ them whenever the urge to pick at your skin crops up.  A relaxed mind and body will help you face difficult situations even better without the need to resort to alternate harmful actions to remain calm.

Make a list of painful skin conditions that can result from this behavior.  Recurrent skin infections, patchy discolorations giving an uneven tone to your skin, and hardened lumps of blood will be easily discovered.

Many sufferers respond positively to drug therapy which typically involve the use of antidepressants, but this can only provide temporary relief.

Do not be in a denial mode and get help.  This habit can progress from your face to picking at skin on other parts of your body.  So accept the fact that you have a grave problem at hand as soon as possible and look for some serious treatment options.


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