How to Get Rid of Skin Tags at Home Naturally

How to Get Rid of Skin Tags at Home Naturally

You find you have a few bits of flesh forming tiny protrusions from the surface of your skin, near the eyelids and on your neck.  Though they are not obstructive in any way,  yet you feel you would be better off without them. You have visited the dermatologist who after inspecting them said you need not worry about them at all and that they may fall off on their own.  You would like to get rid of them at the earliest – what should you do?  Do not worry,  you have help in the form of Natural Therapy.  You can make use of natural methods and natural substances available at home to clear these away.


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Skin Tags

Skin tags are tiny  irregular shaped, pin-head sized, painless, harmless projections of skin growing on a tiny stalk called a peduncle.    They typically grow in folds of the skin such as the neck, or underarm or the folds of the groin or under the breasts, or in any other area where the skin rubs against skin, or rubs against clothing.    Sometimes they grow on the eyelids if they are rubbed excessively.    Anyone, male or female, child or adult, belonging to any race, can have skin tags but obese persons are decisively more prone to it than their slimmer counterparts.



Though skin tags can be hereditary,  it is largely believed that they occur on account of skin rubbing against skin or against clothing or even against jewellery.  A strain of virus, HPV is also associated with skin tag formation.  They are generally benign, and do not require any kind of medical attention.



Skin tags can sometimes bleed on irritation, and that is one reason why they would need to be removed.  The other, more common reason, is cosmetic concerns.  Especially on the face or eyelids or neck, they can be the cause of a small amount of disfigurement, and may thus, need to be removed.  There are several ways in which you can do this at home,  or with the help of a professional dermatologist.


The quickest method of removal is to pull it out mechanically.  This will of course work if the tag is still thin and small.   Sterilise a pair of sharp scissors in alcohol and allow it to dry.   The area on the skin where the skin tag has occurred, then needs to be thoroughly numbed with ice. Next, use the scissors to snip off the tag from the stalk.  Immediately apply pressure with a gauze and thereafter treat it with an antiseptic ointment and close it with a band aid.   You can also use a toenail clipper instead of the scissors with the same result.


Another age-old process is to tie a thread around the stalk of the skin tag, effectively cutting off its blood supply.  The tag will fall off on its own.


If it has grown in an area where you can stick a band aid over it,  simply cut a bit of tape and fasten it over the skin tag.  It will die on its own.


You can also apply tea tree oil 3-4 times a day using a cotton swab.  The skin tag will fall off after a few days.


Yet another method is to apply a paste of castor oil and baking soda 2-3 times a day over the tag.  It will fall off after a few days.


Removal of skin tags is recommended only if they are not very large, and only if they are the cause of any discomfort.  Else they are best left undisturbed.     If however you feel that you must have them removed, your best option is to consult a good dermatologist cum Natural Therapist, who can suggest the best method in your case.


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