How to Get Rid of Smoking Naturally at Home

How to Get Rid of Smoking Naturally at Home

Smoking is injurious to health though all smokers are aware of this vital fact.  If you are a smoker start thinking of ways to quit as soon as possible before you start experiencing your ‘brush with death’ occurrences.  Yeah, easier said than done, but not impossible.  Even one cigarette per day will give you no benefits but only harmful effects.

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To make ‘kicking the habit’ a success a lot of effort will need to be put in personally along with social support.  Smoking is often seen as a stress buster; though anxiousness, sadness, and boredom can also lead to this habit formation.

Find reasons to motivate and prepare yourself to quit smoking.  Think of all the health benefits you will bound to observe once this habit is ceased.  Your chances of having discolored dentition, early skin wrinkling, heart attacks, cataracts, and cancer will lessen.  Come upon other ways to cope with stress.  Most common stress factors in every person’s life are job, family, children, and money.  So talk with a close family member or take a long walk after stressful situations, create your own space and pace and think of ways to tackle problems at hand.

Once you are prepared mentally to free yourself from this harmful habit, set a quit date.  Inform your near and dear ones about your plans and ask them for their support and to help you when you falter.  Remove cigarettes from places where you normally keep and ask your family members, friends and colleagues not to display them if they have any in their possession.  Whenever possible avoid the company of smokers.


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to Get Rid of Smoking Naturally at Home

Make a list in detail about the situations and time that make you want to smoke the most.  Some people experience an urge to smoke immediately after waking up to perk up, or to empty their bladder or stomach, or may be after meals – the reasons vary.  Find ways to suppress this urge, for eg., if you want to light up soon  after a meal is finished, pop in a gum to munch on; or follow a more nutritious and fibrous diet for easy bowel movements.  Take your mind away from this impulsion consciously and keep yourself occupied.  Keep your hands busy always by placing squeeze balls around your personal spaces at home to be used when the need to smoke arises.  Make other healthier things available around your home like nuts, fruits, etc. to put in your mouth as an oral substitute for your cravings.

Learn meditation techniques to relax your mind and body.  Close your eyes and concentrate on your breathing.  Take deep and slow breaths.  Find time and ways to follow this in your everyday life, seek a technique that fits your lifestyle to help relax and refresh your mind and body thereby reducing the need to smoke.  This will also teach you to remain calm and composed when unexpected events arise and will enable you to think more clearly.

Now that you have managed to go through several days without smoking, you will experience withdrawal symptoms that will need to be dealt with.  Drink plenty of water and eat lots of juicy fruits to overcome your cravings.  Exercise to a point of exhaustion to help you sleep through the night effortlessly.  Begin your day with positive thoughts.

Seek the guidance of a medical practitioner to quit smoking when it becomes difficult to continue with your plan to stop smoking.


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