How to Get Rid of Stomach Gas Naturally at Home

How to Get Rid of Stomach Gas Naturally at Home

If you tend to pass a lot of gas you are aware of the embarrassing situations you can get into from time to time.  You desperately want to do something about it – not that it is a very harmful condition medically,  but that you are unable to face the awkward moments any longer.   How do you handle the problem?   It is not at all difficult – go for natural remedies which offers a host of solutions to this condition which is causing you a lot of stress in social situations.  No drugs are involved –  you will be using only natural substances with gas absorbing properties, so that you are relieved of a lot of discomfort, both physically and mentally.

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Stomach gas, though not a medically disturbing condition, can cause some discomfort and distension of the abdomen, accompanied by passing of gas several times in a day, which can lead to embarassing social situations especially if there is also a foul odour. At times, when the pressure builds up considerably, the person can also suffer from pain and nausea.


We are constantly swallowing air from the atmosphere into our gut and stomach – every time we swallow food and water, or even when we speak.  This air consists mainly of nitrogen and oxygen.  The latter is easily absorbed into the mucous lining of the gut, but the former,  i.e., nitrogen often passes out of the system as flatulence or stomach gas. Gas is also formed as a result of protein assimilation.    Odourous gas is produced on account of sulfur content in the food consumed.


Stomach gas or flatulence is basically a problem of the digestive system.

There are several ways in which you can reduce or even eliminate stomach gas or flatulence using natural substances as recommended under Natural Therapy:

But before going into those details, some advice w.r.t. gas-producing foodstuffs, may not be out of place:

Onions, peas, lentils, beans, and some carbohydrates can result in stomach gas. These are therefore to be consumed with caution by those who habitually suffer from stomach gas.   Milk, corn and cabbage are other gas-producing items.  You would need to check out which of these you are unable to digest  and reduce the intake accordingly.  Some persons can have this problem even on consuming beer or red wine.

Moving about can help a lot in relieving the discomfort from stomach gas.

Placing a hot water bag over the abdomen or providing warmth to the abdomen in any other way can ease the problem.

A teaspoon or two of mint juice taken after meals will ensure freedom from stomach gas.

Similarly, lime juice with black pepper taken in warm water will help you solve your stomach gas problem to a great extent.

Cumin seed powder mixed with a little honey and taken after meals is another good remedy.

Chewing fennel seeds can also relieve stomach gas.  Carom seed or ajwain also can help in this regard.

Some aniseed boiled in a cupful of milk and consumed while hot will go a great job of relieving stomach gas.  Do not go for this remedy if you are unable to tolerate milk.

Ginger and garlic are great absorbers of stomach gas.  Use them liberally while cooking, on a daily basis, to get rid of stomach gas.

Do you need more tips to rid yourself of this problem?  A Professional Natural Therapist will be the right person for you to contact in that case.

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