How to Get Rid of (Stop) Snoring at Home Naturally

How to Get Rid of  (Stop) Snoring at Home Naturally

Your snoring habit worries you.  Not that you feel much disturbed, but the persons who sleep in the same room as you often complain of loss of sleep on account of your snoring and almost dread sleeping there.  You don’t mean to disturb anyone  – it is almost involuntary.  What do you do?

Do not worry,  there are ways of sorting out this problem naturally – there are natural methods by which you can stop or get rid of this extremely annoying habit without any drugs or expensive surgery.   Though you may not be aware of it, snoring is a potentially dangerous problem, wherein your air passages are blocked and your breathing stops momentarily,  sometimes leading to serious situations.


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 Get Rid of  (Stop) Snoring

Snoring being almost an involuntary action while you sleep,  it is difficult for you to observe some of the symptoms, though most of them would have well been described to you by the people around you.    What you yourself will observe is that you do not feel too refreshed in the morning on waking.  You tend to awake with a heavy head, and the irritability and drowsiness continues into the day.  Since your mouth is open while you snore, you feel a dryness in the mouth as well.  What you often hear from others is that you make the most annoying sounds while you sleep, something in the nature of grunting, snorting, and sometimes gasping for breath.  At times there are pauses between breaths.



The main cause of snoring is the narrowing of the air passage at the back of the throat through which the air breathed in by us reaches the lungs.   The narrowing of this passage happens for various reasons.   Most often, the air is breathed in through the nose, but at times, the passages in the nose are obstructed, due to a deflected nasal septum (wall separating the 2 nostrils) or due to sinus problems, or allergies or mucus.  In such cases, the air is breathed in through the mouth which causes vibration in the tissues.  Also, the soft palate at the back of the mouth, which acts as a valve for the entry of air, begins to vibrate, causing snoring.  Enlarged tonsils can also obstruct the airway, and result in snoring.   REM sleep which causes relaxation of all muscles in the body,including those in the mouth which fall flat and obstruct the air passage, is another cause for snoring.



There are several natural ways in which you can prevent snoring.  Some of them are given below:


If you are obese, you are more prone to snoring.  Hence, losing some weight has been found to be helpful in preventing snoring.


Keeping away from alcohol and smoking, and avoiding coffee or tea and heavy meals at night are other good natural ways in which you can stop snoring.


Sleeping on the side instead of on the back is another way to prevent snoring.  The air passage remains more open while sleeping on one’s side than when sleeping on the back.


Having a couple of teaspoons of olive oil is observed to help a snorer have a better sleep.


Maintain a regular time at which you go to bed daily.  Keeping a regular sleep schedule helps reduce snoring.


The level of the head of the bed, if raised some 4-6 inches while sleeping, will aid the prevention of snoring.


Holding the tongue against the roof of the mouth for 3 minutes a day, is a good exercise you can do to get rid of the snoring habit.


Another exercise is to hold a balloon against your mouth,  inhale deeply through the nose and blow out through the mouth into the balloon inflating it to the extent possible.  Keeping the balloon to the mouth, repeat 5 times.


For more natural methods of preventing snoring, do get in touch with a Professional Natural Therapist.


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