How to Get rid of Stress, Depression & Anxiety at Home Naturally

How to Get rid of Stress Depression & Anxiety at Home Naturally

Your problems are mounting by the day – nothing seems to be working out right for you these days.  Your relationship with your spouse is at an abysmal low-  so are your finances.  You cannot blame yourself entirely for the mess you are in, and yet at the back of your mind, there is a feeling of guilt at not having been able to salvage the situation. A myriad questions go through your mind every minute.  You are really feeling down in the dumps.  Is it really worth going through the balance days of your life – you wonder.


Do not worry – put your mind at rest – similar situations arise day in and day out in almost all households, you are not alone.  What is more, there are ways to cope with the stress – and you can do this naturally – do not go for drugs – and do not pay heavy fees to a doctor.  You can handle this yourself, in your own home, and very effectively and inexpensively, at that.



Get rid of Stress, Depression & Anxiety

Stressful situations arise every day, whether you run a business, or work for a company, or stay at home,  and all of these reflect in your behavior and  take a tremendous toll on your health. Stress and anxiety lead to irritability, difficulty in concentrating, loss of sleep and overall loss of energy, all of which finally result in depression, with loss of appetite and lack of interest in everything around you, and suicidal thoughts catch up with you.



Stress and anxiety can arise from the simplest of  situations, such as maintaining deadlines or  being stuck in a traffic jam, to more complex situations such as financial difficulties including repaying of loans,  poor relationships at home or at work, or failing health and connected issues.  Even the thought of not knowing how to spend one’s time can be stressful.  Major situations giving rise to stress and anxiety, if not handled correctly, are very likely to lead one into a depressed state wherein one feels hopeless, worthless, sad and totally unable to cope with life’s demands. Certain medical conditions such as Alzhemiers or hypothyroidism  are other causes of depression.



Slipping from stress and anxiety into depression can happen before you know it, and hence it is essential that you remain conscious of your mental state at all times.   There is no need to worry – every situation depends on how you handle it – all you need is better control of your thoughts and emotions and a few changes in your diet and lifestyle, to overcome stress and depression.


With regard to minor stressors,  you could perhaps prioritise your tasks or allot more time to time-consuming ones.  Rising a little earlier than usual, is one way of handling this.


Examining your thoughts and trying to remain in the present moment is another way of eliminating stress from your life.  Make the best of each present moment – you cannot change the past, but you can influence your future by handling the present moment well.   A good way of centering your thoughts on the present, is meditation.  A few moments spent in meditation as you arise in the morning would stand you in good stead throughout the day.


A refreshing walk in the park or along the beach is a great way to ward off stress and depression. Make time for this daily.  If you can find a positive-minded person to accompany you, all the better.  Being in the company of good friends and family can help you take your mind off your problems and make you feel good even if temporarily.


Have a healthy, balanced diet with sufficient vitamins, especially all the vitamins  of the B group and Vitamin C.  Selenium is also recommended to boost your mood and Brazil nuts are a good source.  Addition of organically grown grains and greens to your daily diet will help, as  will consumption of fish.  At the same time, abstain from alcohol and smoking.


To ensure that you sleep well at night, try not to take an afternoon nap. Also, shut off your mobile and PC and keep all distractions out of the way, 2 hours before bedtime and slowly unwind mentally, until it is time for you to go to bed.  Listening to soothing music just before retiring for the night is often a good idea.


If you still feel you cannot cope and need to speak to someone, do get in touch with a Professional Natural Therapist.


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