How to Get Rid of Stretch Marks at Home Naturally

How to Get Rid of Stretch Marks at Home Naturally

Those stretch marks are giving your skin an unsightly appearance.  You want to get rid of them, but do not know how – except of course, with the help of a dermatologist.  Perhaps you did not know that this is something you can very well handle on your own, using natural methods and substances available at home.   A dermatologist will generally charge you a huge fee, and his prescriptions are most likely going to be commercial preparations such as creams and lotions, made from the same substances which you can use in their natural form, sitting in your own kitchen.


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Get Rid of Stretch Marks at Home

Stretch marks generally appear as fine lines on the body, and can be found on men as well as women, and especially if they are obese.  The blemishes sometimes appear as red or purple streaks on the arms, thighs,hips, breasts, etc.  and while some remain prominent, a good number of them fade away into a silvery line in course of time.    In the case of pregnant women, they are mostly found on the abdomen.



Any reason which causes the skin to stretch excessively, such as obesity, can give rise to stretch marks on the portion of skin which is stretched. Hormonal changes  as during pregnancy and puberty, also cause stretch marks.Among pregnant women, these marks appear on the abdomen, while among maturing girls, they can be seen on the breasts.   Any weight gain on the thighs and buttocks will cause stretch marks in those areas.   Weight gain, for whatever reason, results in an increase in the levels of glucocorticoid hormones which inhibit the formation of collagen and elastin fibres, both of which are so essential for the flexibility of the skin, thus resulting in stretch marks.



Several effective  natural methods are available for getting rid of stretch marks from any part of your body.  A few are given below, and you can adopt whichever method suits you best from ingredients readily available with you:


To about 100 ml of pure almond oil add a few drops each of lavender oil and chamomile oil and shake well.  Appling this mixture over the stretch marks will ensure that they disappear within a few days.


Almond oil by itself applied over the stretch marks can also give good results.  The active ingredient is Vitamin E, excellent for maintaining skin texture and removing skin blemishes.  Olive oil also can be used instead of almond oil, with good results.


Cocoa butter is another good natural remedy for stretch marks.   Applying it twice a day over the stretch marks will get rid of them quickly.


Aloe vera gel, by itself or in combination with olive oil, when applied over the affected skin, will help in reducing the stretch marks.


Lemon juice mixed into olive oil and applied over the stretch marks is also another good remedy.


Massaging the skin in the affected area with any good oil will help restore the elasticity of the elastin and collagen of the skin.


Dietwise, it is helpful to have plenty of proteins, animal or plant, and also nuts and seeds which are a good natural source of vitamins C and E, both of which are essential for maintaining a healthy skin texture.


At the same time, try to avoid sugars and excess carbohydrates.  These increase your tendency to become obese, which is one of the reasons why stretch marks appear.


Other substances such as alpha hydroxyl acids, zinc, gotu kola etc. are known remedies for stretch marks;  for more details on these, do get in touch with a Qualified Natural Therapist.


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