How to Get Rid of Throat Balls Naturally at Home

How to Get Rid of Throat Balls Naturally at Home

The foul odour which emanates from your mouth the moment you open it, makes you feel so self-conscious.   Not only that, you seem to feel that there is something stuck at the end of your throat which needs to come out – you feel that whatever it is must be the cause of your bad breath – and you are right. If you would open your mouth wide and inspect your tonsils closely, you will find tiny whitish granules stuck on to them.  These infact are the ones which cause your mouth to stink.  Commonly known as throat balls or tonsilloliths, these throat balls can cause discomfort in other ways as well.    But do not worry – you may find them coming off on their own – and if they don’t, then there are simple natural ways in which you can remove them quite easily – Rely on Natural Therapy to help you out with this.

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Apart from foul odour from the mouth, throat balls can give rise to difficulties in swallowing food.   They can also give a bad taste at the back of the throat. Choking and coughing are other symptoms of tonsil stones.  In some case, people with this problem can also have earache or itch in the ear.  Very often, parts of the white coating come off on their own.


The tonsils being part of the immune system, are responsible for catching and holding back bacteria which try to enter the body through the mouth.  These bacteria along with mucus and decaying food particles, are then deposited in tiny crypts on the tonsils, to form tonsil stones or throat balls.  Being composed of dead and decaying matter  these throat balls emit an intensely foul odour.


Oral hygiene is of great importance when you have throat balls. Brushing the teeth once in the morning and again at night, is a good way to keep the mouth clear of these balls.

If detected while they are still in the formative stage, it is quite easy to dislodge them from the crypts in the tonsils, by merely gargling.  Regular gargling with salt water, or with water to which a few drops of grapefruit seed extract has been added, will enable you to get rid of throat balls in a matter of 10-12 days.

Again, while the throat balls are small, they can be removed by brushing and scraping.   Even intense coughing will get rid of small throat balls.

A third method found useful in removing smaller throat balls is to use a medicine dropper to suck them out.  You can try bringing them to the surface first, by dropping a few drops of saline solution over the area.  Once you are able to see them, use the dropper to suck them out.

Once they have grown in size, a cotton swab can be used to remove them.  First, their exact location needs to be determined with the help of a mirror.

The swab is then placed under the back of the stone, while gently pushing upwards.  The throat ball will get dislodged easily.  Later you can gargle with an antiseptic mouthwash.

If you are prone to this condition, you should try avoiding dairy products which result in build-up of mucus and calcium.    Drinking plenty of water on the other hand, will help you keep free of the throat balls.

If you need any more ways in which to get rid of throat balls,  you should think in terms of contacting a Professional Natural Therapist who is trained to guide you in the matter.

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