How to Get Rid of Tongue Bald Patches at Home Naturally

How to Get Rid of Tongue Bald Patches at Home Naturally

Of late you have noticed some patches on your tongue – instead of the normal pinkish colour and smooth texture, there are rough bumps on the surface with grayish boundaries, much like a geographical map.  Your doctor told you that what you are experiencing is known as Bald patches on the tongue, or Geographic tongue, and that you need not worry about it.  Sure enough, it does not hurt much,  but then you are still worried about it and would like to get rid of the condition at the earliest. Did you know that you can in fact do this naturally, using natural substances and without the use of any drugs ?


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 Get Rid of Tongue Bald Patches

When you have ‘bald patches’ on the tongue, you will see demarcations of areas on the tongue, with a grey border; the pinkish due changes to whitish, and the papillae or tiny heads which you see on a normal tongue, would have fallen off;the tongue becomes swollen and numb:  Sometimes, cracks appear on the surface of such a tongue, which give rise to a burning sensation every time you eat anything acidic.    The demarcated areas seem to change from time to time, and within about 7-10 days, new taste buds appear and the tongue slowly regains normalcy.



Since women who are on birth control pills are worst affected,  the conclusion is that the condition has something to do with the hormonal balance.   Also those with problems like asthma, allergies, eczema and weak immune system, are more likely to get this problem than those who are otherwise healthy.   A deficiency of B Vitamins and Zinc is linked to Tongue bald patches.



One need not go fully by what the doctor says when he tells you that you need not worry about the appearance of Geographic tongue.   A disfigured tongue usually is an indicator of some imbalance in the system, and you can take ‘natural’ steps to get rid of the disfigurement.


The bald patches on the tongue are generally a temporary phenomenon, and while it lasts, one should take care not to put in the mouth, anything that will aggravate the condition, such as spices, acidic foods, citrus fruits, hot beverages, and processed foods.   Also avoid totally, alcohol and tobacco.  On the other hand, drinking plenty of water will soothe the tongue and give relief.    Freshly prepared salads and other foods rich in fibre and known to help cure this condition.  Chewing mint leaves also helps.


Try to have more of the foods which contain B Vitamins or take supplements of these vitamins.    Since any excess intake of this set of vitamins is not retained in the body, you would have to take care to get your daily quota every day.


Zinc is another substance of which there is a deficiency when you have bald patches on the tongue. Load up therefore, on foods which contain zinc, such as oysters, beef shanks, crab, pork, fortified cereals, cashew nuts, etc.


Do not use commercial mouthwashes and toothwhiteners : If you must use a mouthwash, try using grapeseed extract which is a natural alternative to the commercial ones and works equally well.

Conventional drugs are less effective than natural remedies in the case of Tongue Bald Patches.  Hence, if you are looking for a quick cure for this condition,  your best option would be to get in touch with a Professional Natural Therapist.


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