How to Get Rid of Warts at Home Naturally

How to Get Rid of Warts at Home Naturally

The smooth skin on your hands has suddenly developed some tiny elevated bumps all over it, very much like tiny clusters of pinheads, somewhat grayish brown in colour.   You felt it necessary to go to a dermatologist who had one look at your hands and told you you are suffering from warts and prescribed some ointments and medicines which would take care of the problem.   But you are not sure how these would react with your skin and your system and are hesitating to use them.   You would be happy to learn that you need not in fact make use of them at all – you have a great option in Natural Therapy, whereby you can get rid of the warts in a short time, very effectively with natural substances.


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 Get Rid of Warts at Home

Warts are small rough domelike protrusions from the surface of the skin, and can occur anywhere on the body, but are found mostly on the hands and feet. They are benign growths but are very contagious, being caused by a virus known as HPV.   There are several types of warts: the ones which grow on the nose, mouth and eyelids, look like tiny fingers.   The ones growing on the hands and fingers are domeshaped.   Those which grow on the soles of the feet are inflamed bumps which make it difficult for one to walk.  Still others, which grow on the other parts of the body have a flat brown surface.



Warts are caused by the Human Papilloma Virus.  This virus tends to enter the skin through breaks such as tiny  cuts and  bruises, and then they seed under the skin forming keratin, a hard protein :  when this is found in excess, the skin grows very fast, resulting in warts.   Though they are contagious, they are by and large harmless – yet you would like to see them removed – they make your skin look ugly.   They are more common among children whose immune system is less developed than an adult’s.



Natural treatment works best with warts, and there are several methods you might want to try out,  choosing the one which suits you best.


The use of castor oil for removal of warts is well-known through the ages.

This oil needs to be applied over the affected areas for several weeks, till the warts disappear.  Though slow,  it is a safe and sure method of getting rid of warts.


Raw potato has also been found to effectively cure a person from warts.  A raw potato can be pureed in a mixie, and any water strained off.  The pulp is then applied over the affected area, and secured to the skin by means of an adhesive tape or bandage and kept overnight.  Fresh pulp can be applied every morning for a week or two, till the warts disappear.


The juice extracted from marigold leaves, if applied on the warts, will bring about a rapid cure.


Onion juice is another great remedy for warts.  The juice should be applied over the warts and allowed to dry over it for best results.


While treating warts care should be taken to wash the hands thoroughly after

applying the herbal remedies.  These being contagious,  can erupt in any other part of the body when touched with the same hands without washing. Also proper hygiene should be maintained, in not sharing clothes,towels, shoes, etc. with affected persons.


There are several more natural remedies available for curing warts, and to find out more about these, do get in touch with a Professional Natural Therapist.


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