How to Get Rid of Wrinkles with Facial Gymnastics

Getting Rid of Wrinkles with Facial Gymnastics

Skin envelopes our body, providing it a protective covering, saving our internal systems from harmful organisms and environmental elements.  As skin ages, ridges, furrows and creases appear on the dermal surface making you look older than you actually may be in reality.  Application of makeup may help conceal this to an extent, but a simpler way to prevent and reduce wrinkles is to perform facial exercises that have proven to minimize wrinkles enormously.

to Get Rid of Wrinkles with Facial Gymnastics

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Forehead muscles and skin are utilized to show a variety of expressions especially when one is angry, displeased, or while surprised.  This results in emergence of wrinkles becoming more deep and visible as one ages.  To prevent forehead wrinkle formation, draw your brows together as you would do while concentrating or to display discomfort and stay in this position for 10 counts.  Relax.  Follow this by lifting your eyebrows as far as possible while simultaneously keeping your eyes wide open.  Relax.  Repeat this 5 times.

The skin surrounding our eyes is very thin and delicate.  Therefore, chances of wrinkles arriving before the intended time are greater when proper skin care routine is not followed.  Wrinkles extending from outer corners of each eye can be reduced by way of exercises.  Sit down on a comfortable chair and place your thumb pads on either corner of your eyes.  Position the thumb downwards and rest your other fingers on your head.  Squeeze your eyes shut and slide your thumb outwards gently pulling the skin with each stroke.  Perform this 10 times for maximum results.

To tone the muscles and retain skin firmness surrounding your cheeks, look at yourself in a mirror and grin widely with your mouth closed.  Stay in this position for 10 seconds then relax.  Follow it by wrinkling your nose, feeling your cheek muscles elevate upwards.  Hold again for 10 seconds before relaxing.  Repeat this 4-6 times to tighten your cheek muscles and skin.

A smile is infectious and comes with many health benefits.  The downside of frequent smiling though is appearance of unsightly lines around the corners of your mouth.  To reduce laugh lines, suck on a finger of your choice hard for 30 seconds and relax.  Alternate this with forming an ‘O’ shape with your mouth closed and hold it as tense as possible for 30 seconds.  This will help diminish laughter lines to a certain extent.

Reduce double chin and tighten skin around your throat and neck regions by performing the following exercise routines.  Settle down in a comfortable chair, sit upright and bend your head backwards facing the roof of your house.  With your mouth closed begin a chewing movement or pop in a gum stick and masticate.  Feel the muscles working in your neck.  Repeat this 5-10 times.  Also with your head in the same position you may pucker your lips and kiss the air.  Stretch the kiss as far as possible and hold in this position for 10 seconds.  Again repeat 5 times.

Another way to get rid of a wrinkled neck is to lie down on a bed with your head dangling over the edge of your cot.  Lift your head slowly bringing it up to the level of your torso and hold it there for 10-15 seconds.   Repeat 5 times and you will be rewarded with a tighter skin and firmer neck muscles.

In addition to these exercises, a nutritious diet, rigorous fitness regimen, and proper cleansing and caring for your skin will eliminate wrinkle problems making your skin look younger, healthy, and bright for a long period of time.

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