How To Stimulate Hair Regrowth Naturally At Home

 Natural Ways To Stimulate Hair Regrowth 

Healthy hair is a sign of good health, really.  Not necessarily.  Environmental factors like overexposure to harmful rays of sunlight, chemical air pollutants, polluted or chemically treated water used during hair wash, overuse of hair care products or lack of proper scalp care all can lead to excessive hair fall.  But yes, to a great extent the reasons behind hair loss are unhealthy eating habits, prolonged illness requiring intake of strong doses of medications, inept stress management methods, fungal infections of the scalp, and hormonal imbalances experienced during childbirth.  In such cases, gaining back natural hair volume is a difficult task to accomplish, but not impossible.

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It has been revealed that human hair is a byproduct of bone tissue, meaning tissues responsible for bone formation is also responsible for hair growth.  Also, hair follicles situated at the lower part of the hair, which is a tubular epithelial sheath, are the ones that provide nourishment to the hair.  When hair follicles are damaged or traumatized, it leads to excessive hair fall.  Massaging the scalp with a good nourishing oil, rubbing the scalp vigorously to increase blood circulation to the area, maintaining the scalp clean and washing it with natural cleansers, maintaining a healthy diet consisting more of green leafy vegetables, fruits, milk/soy milk, nuts; and refraining from alcohol consumption, smoking and drug abuse are enough measures to maintain a scalp covered with healthy hair growth.

Hair growth cycle involves a growing phase and a resting phase.  So at a given time, ninety percent of your scalp hair is in the growing stage and the rest ten percent will be in resting stage.  After the resting phase, which lasts for approximately three to four months, hair begins to shed.  Thus, some amount of hair fall on a daily basis is experienced by individuals normally.  When hair shedding is seen in excessive amounts, this is a cause of worry.

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