Getting Rid of Agoraphobia at Home Naturally

How to Get Rid of Agoraphobia at Home Naturally

You are unable to explain how you feel about going out unaccompanied, to large shopping malls or other ‘unsafe’ places.  You are just worried that in case a situation develops which you feel incapable of handling,  you would not be able to find an escape route.  This tendency makes you even shun social gatherings wherein you may cause embarrassment if a panic attack comes on, or find it difficult to escape in case of a problem.  You do realize the consequences of such a feeling, but you believe there is no way out.  You need to protect yourself from what you consider dangerous situations.



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How to get rid of Agoraphobia at homeGet Rid of Agoraphobia Now

Do not worry so much.  Perhaps it may help you to know that there is no rationality behind your fears and that there are simple natural ways of overcoming this phobia, commonly known as agoraphobia, however difficult it may appear to you.  Prescription drugs are known to give temporary relief, but they do not address the underlying problem and end up making one drug-dependant which can have adverse effects in the long run.



Agoraphobia is closely related to panic attacks wherein a person feels weak, dizzy, faint, nauseous and totally unwell in certain situations wherein they feel they will be the centre of an embarrassing situation from which there is no escape.  Experiencing a panic attack once can make a person agoraphobic, and such a person will avoid going to public places without the company of a person with whom they feel totally secure.  They will also avoid flying in aeroplanes, or driving a vehicle, or physical exertion if that has caused a panic attack in the past.  They will be wary of eating outside their own homes, for fear of having something which may not agree with them.



One of the causes of agoraphobia is repeated exposure of a person to panic attacks for one reason or another.  Such an attack instills in the individual an anxiety about its occurring again, and this anxiety itself is sufficient to trigger another  panic attack.    Another school of thought puts it down to heredity, since this phobia is known to run among families.



Agoraphobia induces the flow of excessive amounts of adrenaline through the body resulting in stress and anxiety.    Several herbs are available which, if taken regularly, will help restore calmness without side effects. St.John’s Wort, Scullcap and Valerian, taken over a period of time, can be very useful in addressing anxiety issues and bringing back the body’s natural balance.


Another method of reducing anxiety attacks, is meditation.  Deep meditation can clear the mind of negative thoughts and bring about a lot of positivity

To those suffering from agoraphobia.


A mixture of carrot juice and lettuce juice is found to be useful in giving relief from agoraphobia.  It should be taken, a little at a time, twice during the day and once before retiring for the night.


Having tea made from lemon balm sprigs, can also have a wonderful calming effect on the affected individual.


Cognitive Behaviour Therapy is another natural method by which relief can be had from anxiety attacks.  A qualified psychotherapist and help the person come out of his phobia and thereafter guide him such that he is able to independently take care of his activities without dependence on others for safety.


Several other natural methods are available for treating this disorder, and for full guidance one may contact a good psychotherapist or Professional Natural Therapist.


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