Getting Rid of Alcohol Allergy Attacks Naturally

How to Get rid of Alcohol Allergy at Home Naturally


You never feel well after an alcoholic drink.  Your skin invariably breaks into a deep red rash, and you feel a kind of tightness or congestion and difficulty in breathing and various other symptoms, which are normally classified under the head ‘Alcohol Allergy’.  These after-effects really get in the way of your enjoying your drink and you would do anything to get rid of them – if you possibly could.  Well, the good news is that it is absolutely possible to do away with Alcohol Allergy, that too in a simple, natural way, using Natural Therapy.  You need not worry about any adverse side effects, nor about the expenses involved, while under Natural Therapy.



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Get rid of Alcohol Allergy without medication


Alcohol allergy can be mild or severe. Getting drunk is different from having alcohol allergy. The  latter can show up in various ways.  Generally, you will find that such persons  would be suffering from stuffy nose, itchy red skin, nausea and vomiting, headache, pain in the abdomen, heartburn and a racing heartbeat.  The most common symptom however is the redness and heat in the face which the person feels. The severity of the symptoms will depend on whether you are male or female, your body mass, and the food present in the stomach while you are having your drink.  Those who suffer from asthma should be particularly careful if they are allergic to alcohol, because the symptoms of their asthma can get enhanced.



The alcohol one drinks finds its way into the bloodstream and thence into various organs of the body. At a particular stage in the metabolism of alcohol, Acetaldehyde is produced, which the body recognizes as a toxin. In normal persons, this acetaldehyde, which tends to accumulate in the bloodstream,  is broken down into the more acceptable acetic acid by an enzyme, ALDH2, produced in the liver.  Due to genetic reasons, this enzyme is not produced in some persons, and if these persons consume alcohol, the result is alcohol allergy.



The best advice that can be given to a person who suffers from alcohol allergy, is to abstain from drinking.   This,however, for most such persons, is easier said than done.   But it is certainly advisable to check out which particular drink causes the allergy and at least avoid that particular brand or type of drink, because it is the various substances such as sulphites,histamines, etc.which go into certain drinks which cause the allergy.


Apart from that, some of the symptoms of allergy, such as swelling of the face, itchiness, runny nose, etc. can be treated with antihistamines in natural form.    Butterbur and mangoosteen are 2 such natural foods which can give great relief when taken in supplement form.


You can also take Vitamin C in supplement form to achieve antihistamine effect.


To get relief from itching due to alcohol allergy,  you can make a cold compress by taking some ice cubes in a plastic bag and applying it over the affected area.


Further, there are certain prescriptions under Natural Therapy, such as ‘No Red Face Formula’ etc.  which consist of only natural substances,  and which have proved successful in curing this allergy.


For more details on getting rid of Alcohol Allergy, the best thing for you to do is to consult a Professional Natural Therapist.


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