How to Get Rid of Angular Cheilitis Overnight: heal angular cheilitis

how to treat angular Cheilitis naturally: cure angular Cheilitis at home

Get Rid of  Angular Cheilitis

how to cure angular cheilitis overnight: heal angular cheilitis at home

You are faced with a new problem – you have tiny sores at both the corners of your mouth. Initially, the area had turned red, and today, you find painful sores in the same place.

They are even making it difficult for you to open your mouth wide enough to eat, speak, or laugh.  Moreover, they are disfiguring your face – you feel very self-conscious about it.

Can I Cure Angular Cheilitis Overnight?

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Best Way to Manage Angular Cheilitis

How do you manage them is the question which is now uppermost in your mind.  Do not worry – do not lose your peace of mind – it is possible to cure this condition quickly.

Nor will you have to spend a lot of money on expensive lotions or medicines.  You can achieve results sitting in your own home, using Natural Therapy under which you will be using harmless, natural substances for a cure.


This is a condition that affects a more significant proportion of the elderly population, where over-closure of the mouth occurs due to loss of teeth, resulting in a continuous collection of saliva in the corners of the mouth.

It is a fungal infection brought about by the same fungus (Candida Albicans), which is responsible for the occurrence of Thrush.

In more severe cases, apart from the chapping of lips, tiny cracks can occur in the skin in this area, giving rise to pain and burning while opening the mouth.

The area around the mouth appears infected and ugly, causing loss of self-esteem and inhibited social interactions.


Initially, angular Cheilitis is caused by nutritional deficiencies, with particular reference to lack of vitamin B1, Iron, and Zinc.

Once it sets in, the fungus candida Albicans infect the area, resulting in tiny lesions and rash around the mouth.

This condition may also occur as part of a group of symptoms known as Plummer Vinson syndrome, covering glossitis, Cheilitis, anemia due to iron deficiency, and upper gut web.

Though it is known to be more of a fungal infection, bacteria around the mouth can also play a part in the inflammation and soreness.

how to cure angular cheilitis overnight

While it is necessary to keep the area around your mouth moist,  it is not a good idea to lick it.  Licking it only worsens the situation, as you may have already discovered.

#1. Keep Hydrated

Instead, drink a lot of water – that will do the job of moistening your skin.


Make sure you get your full quota of B vitamins daily, particularly B2, B3, B6, and B12.  Zinc and iron are the other two minerals essential to keeping Angular Cheilitis at bay. leafy vegetables

Thus, you would need to load up on green leafy vegetables, legumes, nuts, seeds, carrots, and tomatoes.  Carrot and tomato juice taken daily will help a great deal.

Having an apple a day is also an excellent natural remedy for this condition.  If you still feel a lack of these nutrients in your diet, go for supplementation.

#5.Cocoa butter to treat angular cheilitis quickly

Cocoa butter or honey applied over the affected areas will soothe the sores and reduce the infection.


Cucumber slices applied over the sores will also have a similar soothing effect.

#7.Aloe vera , excellent Natural Remedy

Aloe vera juice extracted freshly from the leaves and applied over the affected parts is an excellent natural remedy for angular Cheilitis.

#8. aloe vera gel for quick healing

The commercially available aloe vera gel is also good to use if fresh aloe vera leaves are not available.  Either way, you will experience quick healing.

There are several more natural remedies available for the treatment of Angular Cheilitis, and all of them work equally effectively towards curing the condition quickly.

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