how to cleanse your colon naturally at home: give yourself a colon cleanse

Can I Do Colon Cleansing at Home ?

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Do you sometimes feel that your stomach has become sluggish?  Or that you seem to be unable to clear out all the wastes which your body has accumulated – in other words, you are constipated?

Bowel movements are less than once in 2 days?  In such a case, you might consider going for a colon cleanse, and there are many natural methods of going about doing this.

The colon is that part of your digestive system where the undigested material from the digestive tract finally accumulates for elimination.

If it is not eliminated, putrefaction results, increasing the chances of toxins moving into your bloodstream and, in some extreme cases, the result in cancer.

Colon cleansing is adopted to thoroughly clean out all the wastes and toxic substances from the colon.

If you are planning on this process, it is best done before undertaking liver or kidney cleansing; else the wastes from the colon meant for excretion will get recycled into the system.

There are several mixes available in the market for a colon cleanse. Still, most of them contain harsh chemicals, which, in addition to removing the wastes from the colon, will end up removing even useful nutrients.

Therefore, it is recommended that in case you decide to go for this process, natural methods are best suited to it.

Natural methods are more efficient and will not damage the system as ready mixes perhaps would.

How to prepare for cleansing?

Before embarking on the cleansing process, it is good to start taking more raw fruits and vegetables, vitamins, and probiotics.

While you undertake this process, ensure that you keep away from all types of junk food, alcohol, tea, coffee, and colas.

Home Remedies Used for Cleansing:

Following are the home remedies and steps followed while doing colon cleansing at home.

#1.Lukewarm water:

One natural remedy very much in use even today, is to take an enema with pure lukewarm water.  It is an effective, yet safe method of cleansing.

#2. sea salt

Another natural method is to dissolve some sea salt in a glass of lukewarm water and sip it during the early morning.

You will get results within a couple of hours.

#3.broth of various vegetables

One more natural method is to make a broth of various vegetables, such as cabbage, onions, potatoes, peas, celery, papaya, carrots, etc. and drink only this broth throughout the day for a couple of days or till you you get the required results.

#4.Colon Cleansing Using Herbs

Among other types of natural treatment, you can even go for herbal treatment for colon cleansing:

There are several herbs which are excellent bowel cleansers and can be used in the form of powders or even brewed as teas:

Psyllium husk is high in soluble fiber and can rid you of constipation, diverticular problems, etc.   Flax seeds,  aloe vera leaf, fennel seeds, ginger,, and garlic, are generally used in the natural colon cleansing process.

#5.Bentonite clay

Another substance, Bentonite clay, a tasteless grey mineral, can be mixed with water and taken early in the morning on an empty stomach for good results.


While planning a colon cleanse, it is good to be aware that it is also a process which can dehydrate you – hence ensure that you are well hydrated while you undertake it.

Another problem you may face  is that there could be a rise in the body’s electrolytes, something which heart and kidney patients should take care about.

If not done properly, it may result in bowel perforation or bowel infection, so take care to be gentle with your system and not overdo the process.

If you would like to know more about these processes, or if you would like to have more methods of colon cleansing, a good certified Natural Therapist would be able to provide this information to you.

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